Entry for November 28, 2007″Camaraderie”

As the cloudy and cold day is upon us, the fact there is not a snowflake is sight. Snow brings out a cheery feeling.One has camaraderie with people in general. The feeling one tends to have is a mere connectability with others particularly at this time of year. It usually brings out the best and worse in others for some unforeseen reason. And yet it conveys some to conduct ones self better.At time precise time one obtains a maze of [give me] items via the postal system. I myself without exception. One tends to give more at this time. As for myself, I meticulously sort through the unwanted and toss it away. I really give to the same and don’t do anything out of the ordinary. I guard after [comeons] to enspire others to give more. One should not cause that fallacy. My tendency is the thought of the homeless. There are countless orgs. to deal with their situation. My thought goes a bit further.Why do these orgs. seem to stress the necessity to focus on the homeless on extended holidays? Is there a link when one verbalizes homeless, hunger and being cold in the same breath? How many of us have viewed the homeless on nearly street corners and looked the other way? Perhaps these people are within our own neighborhoods. Are these nameless individual worth our time? To simply offer them a cup of coffee, a compassionate gesture, a kind word. The average fellow thinks in derogatory terms. Are they the untouchables, the forgotten humans who seem to be noticed only on the 2 celebrated holidays of the year? Let society gradually change this attitude in the years to come.As a slogan is known’there for the grace of God goes I’. Life is a promise,fulfill it.

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