Entry for November 30, 2007″Anticipation”

My nature is to always think ahead. That suits me well. For if by chance one waits to accomplish things at hand; one must then deal with the pressure. I, for one like to do things in advance. Got an email from my daughter in law, Michelle to ask me if they can do dinner with me on the 11th January 2008. Of course I responded and said it would be lovely. That brought a series of questions and I am wanting for a answer. My anticipation is merely overwhelming.Yesterday, I for some reason was all in hopes to post a blog.However couldn’t find a subject and I am glad that I waited today for it is now quiet and I do my best consequently. Yesterday I then took the opportunity to go to Mass at St. Pauls and was asked to read the epistle in which I declined. Then in same breath I was asked to take up the gifts at the appropriate time. To that I graciously accepted. Inside I truly felt pleased and it showed outwardly as well.Then I met a girl who was a graduate student who was from Canada. We got to chatting and exchanged phone numbers and emails. She didn’t stay for Mass for she had a prior appt. Told her that I had gotten my passport in Aug. So I am hoping that I will have a travel companion when time permits. I am very happy that was an occurrence. Looking forward to this weekend for it is scheduled to snow both days, 5 to 6 inches. Hopefully it would be marvelous to have more.Whereby more is certain in these memorable holidays. For each day is a treasure.

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