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Entry for December 31, 2007″Another Eve”

December 31, 2007

As another Eve is upon us and the record snowfall comes as the second with 33 inches, one is anticipating the New Year celebrations; as this day comes to a close as the last day of the year 2007. One is struck by the elevation of it all. As yet it is a few hours till midnight and the human race will announce a brand new year. It does stand to reason that some of the same events which occurred in years past will yet make their presence known. However one does hope that it will not be the case of if it does, it comes in lesser amounts. Of course at this every time it is already 2008 in some parts of the world. I really didn’t intend to write today, but changed my course of action. I still intend to look at the nights festivities on the tele and hopefully will receive some welcome phone calls or maybe yet tomorrow will be more suitable. Never have gone to a New Years celebration in my life and would like to do that at some point of my life. I certainly would not regret it and I would ponder it could be fun and something out of the ordinary. It would be good at this time to be around family and people you are most fond of. Speaking of family, I emailed my niece, Heather who lives in Colorado Springs and got an email back a short time ago. Gave her my phone number and perhaps we could chat by phone.Like to be around certain family members as to oppose to others. My tendency is that I feel more at ease with certain people and want to gravitate toward them for I am comfortable around them. And that goes with friends too.In this year I have done a great deal of things and hope in the this upcoming year will do things that are different and still stand for my principals in which I uphold.

Entry for December 30, 2007″Organization”

December 30, 2007

On yet another winter storm yet upon us; and with present snowfall and the one coming, it will be a record snowfall of 37. something inches. It is absolutely breathtaking to view. And the temps aren’t usually cold. Yet one may enjoy the utter splendid of it. It is wise to have organization in one’s life and to have it methodically planned as best as one can. Therefore one may look forward to what lies ahead than thinking at one day at a time. Years ago when I was working, I would come in early for a closing shift so I could relax before it started and many occasions (more often than not) when I started the restaurant; the place was in such disarray it would be very hard to keep my composure, without flying off the handle. Losing one’s concentration in the midst of such confusion as a result of much clutter and mere stupidity. It is not a pretty picture. It is good to plan as well as organize one’s life so one may have an authentic way of looking at the entire spectrum, as if only one portion.In the same mind frame one may like change however not sporadically. One likes change though have it for a long period of time, as not opposed to it. One may sometimes have the notion to be spontaneous and still have organization. One may find to be more cheerful too. I recently thought and planned to have more heat coming my room. So I took a pair of scizzors and began to tear only one section of the back of my entertainment center where it was partially blocking of heat vent.It took some strength to achieve this and to my wonder I was able to fulfil this and was very pleased at the outcome b/c now the room has heat. I of course am always thinking ahead to the month coming as to the bitter bone chilling temps. So again I am content of have that done. I tend to write in the third person sometimes.Really looking forward to the year ahead. It will bring promises,adventures,warmth, and wonderment to this blogger.

Entry for December 26, 2007″Patience”

December 26, 2007

Some persons are very short on patience.That is definitely on my agenda, synonymous in my case and generally a part of my overall personality. I find to have endless patience with other people, depending of the likes and dislikes, regarding of who they are and that of course is overestimating matters. Needless to say, I personally have minute or no patience with myself. Point being, in writing this, I feel that that words should flow effortlessly. One wonders why that is not the case. I have always written off the culf, so it’s never rehearsed,so therefore seems relaxed and natural. It takes a much longer time to prepare however one is much more satisfied with the end result. It would be grand if one would have more space in which to script. This way one could be better relaxed and not think more of the spelling of the correct words and how to structure the sentences themselves. I just want to have things perfect when I finally post it. Maybe I worry about it a bit much. That is why I care about what I achieve and b/c it is my first attempt to write on this blog, even though I have written a myriad of these previously. I feel that each attempt is starting anew with a distinguishable subjects and diversing premises. Had a wonderful day yesterday. Spoke to my son, Andre, and to his girlfriend. Had a nice conversation with them and then later spoke to Andre again. Earlier in the day, my cousin Mike phoned and we had such a spontaneous, relaxed and well as long conversation with one another. I was overwhelmed. He emailed me his address and phone number and told me when I am out his way to come again. That is surely my intention. I have an idea that may be plausible. Thinking that my brother, Greg, my cousin Mike, both live in a general area. My son Ian stays with his wife’s family when they are home in the states.Speaking of my son Ian, he and his lovely family are coming to Madison to see me. I will be happy if that is a reality.This is my practice with patience. I know that I have deviated from the subject a bit, but that was necessary to chat about items dear to my heart.

Entry for December 24, 2007″Connotations”

December 24, 2007

With yet another winter storm just finished and yet more in the future, it is Christmas Eve 2007. Eve has the connotion, the day before the celebration of Christmas. Eve to the moslems, is their own special celebration.I only know that b/c I was told that when I questioned that word in that context. One would think that certain groups of people such as attorneys, physicans,musicians as well as hicks from the sticks all have one thing in common. They all have their own language spoken to each other and only understood by them. Invariably some types of music such as rap has its own connotation unto itself; whereas the population not prevalent. The words are all run together and don’t have enunciation. Therefore isn’t found in vocabulary as well as the dictionary.Let’s one bask in the sunshine that this writer is looking out of the window and sees a peak of sun shining through the clouds. Of course that was just momentarily.As I was waiting for the news to be seen I happen to view the pbs channel for a few moments and to my astonishment found a program on hinduism. That was ironic for the fact that other celebrations were and are taking place at and around the same time and one would think that why should that subject be left out in the cold. My connotation is that people should always look not for what divides us but what is in harmony and what is universal in each of us.Sometimes there is nothing in common with people and one must realise that fact and carry on. That message may go to all of us only on one condition and that is if the person really wants to adheres to it.

Entry for December 18, 2007″Waiting”

December 18, 2007

Without being aware of time, one is always waiting for someone or something in their unique lives. I, of course are without exception. But am I the only one who will attempt to script about it? Probably, and that is fine with me. One must realise that if one is waiting for something to happen and seems anxious about it; it seems that the time goes slower than it would in a normal course of events; than if one would just relax.It is fun to actually try to analyse it. One doesn’t like to wait in lines, of any sort.I don’t mind b/c I find it ok to simply watch people, their reactions, mannerisms it makes the time go faster than usual,although it is going at the same rate.It seems if one is waiting for something unpleasant, it seems to be longer. However if one is in the midst of something good, it seems to be a shorter time span. One aspect worth mentioning is when a person is younger things seems longer, than when the same person becomes older.One can’t find to answer to that. There are just no answers to certains questions. Want my lingering cough to end soon though each day it is better.I haven’t been writing recently for I have been enthralled with my latest book called ‘Maze’ by Larry Collins and it is nearly finished. It is very intriguing and it is a page turner,however it seems to stay with me. So the finality is ok with me. I went to Borders today to pick up a couple of purchases that I’ve ordered. One was a used book by Dominque La Pierre and the dvd ‘Once and that movie is sensational and will see it in its entirety. In summation. that one’s favorite cd’s and dvd’s,and books in which one collects is good for the fact that one can reread the book or listen to music repeatedly and that will make to waiting ok. For it is always your frame of mind which is important.

Entry for December 11, 2007″ Tenacity”

December 11, 2007

With yet another snow storm upon us as it is bearing down as I write this piece; my inborn quality comes in full play.For tenacity is who I am as a individual. I am so content with it.This and every flake of snow is a beauty to behold. So if it inconveniences some in their daily life; it only make life more interesting. For me, there is a change of venue as I originally was going to Borders to pick up the book that I ordered some time ago.There is always another time to do what needs to be done. So now I have the wonderful opportunity to write another piece of my thoughts are scrolled on paper[typed on the computer]. After this I may go outside and wrap my mind into mere enjoyment as I stand out there in the snow dressed warmly from head to toe, and view and feel the snow coming down from the cloudy sky above.Think of how fortunate I am to be a a place with the winter snow. This is a good time to read a book, listen to a favorite songs of music, or just perhaps do one’s pastime and relax.There are so many things to keep one occupied. One must use their ingenuity. Be unconcerned.Know that tomorrow will come soon enough. Why stress over the things that one cannot control?And put one at a risk of anxiety. Life is what you make it. Think of the future and then one may deal better with what’s at hand. Enjoy each and every moment that comes our way. These are irreplaceable times in the mere scope of events.

Entry for December 09, 2007″Admiration”

December 9, 2007

There is nothing worse than accolades as one platitude says. It is easy to give recognition to a person who is well deserved of it. The trouble with that analogy is when that demanding person is not the only one who merits it. There are many others who are not recognized. Accolates comes with a price,to quote another chiche.That is where admiration comes into play. I, personally admire [and want their admiration] a person who sit back and views quietly while listening to the events happenings around them. A person who gives to charitable orgs. whatever the amount and how often; b/c that is what they want to do and not b/c that person will receive it back or a portion of it at the end of the year. Their motive in doing so is genuine. A person who has little for themselves and yet, will give to others again w/o receiving anything for what they do. Their only knowledge is that are doing what they think is rightfully so. I think there is something called quiet admiration where it only exists within certain individuals. Questions come to mind. Am I showing rightful indignation? My intent is not that at all. A person who has had a troubled life with drugs, and yet will turn their life around in a positive way in teaching others the risks, pitfalls and utter despair. In living firsthand that person will prevent history from repeating itself. It is chronologically autumn by the calendar and yet there has been a series of snowfalls,ice, and bitter temps and it started the begining of this month. Trying to get rid of a persistant cough which I am tenacious. I will be taking some Halls and some Robetussin, that will do the trick. Life is a dream, realise it

Entry for December 08, 2007″Levels”

December 8, 2007

This is a connector of a myriad of matter. Some slogans that are appropriate 1] on the level meaning honest 2] one shouldn’t stoop down to their level; meaning in an argument one must refrain from using derogatory language. One’s experience has found that if one keeps their composure in detrimental situations, things will turn out positively.When one is faced with adversity it becomes more difficult to hold one’s ground. One is apt to cling to another’s level of intelligence. The person feels more in tune with that.Whereas they feel they may relate better. If one has the desire to aid a person who is addicted to substance; sometimes it is necessary to speak on their level in order to simply aid them. Against all odds this could be successful, more likely than not. There is a level of intelligence within one’s composition.That tendency naturally makes one be with another who has the same wants and needs. Regardless if it is a negative to them.The person seeks out whenever or wherever the negativity can be found. One may go to great lengths. One has found in order to have mere civility, again one must have the demeanor, and the presense of mind to bring the person up to their level. That may indicate that one may have a few friends in doing so. It is better than people using and abusing others. For the simple fact they cannot get what they want.You must endure, for you must not let yourself down. You must only answer to yourself in the long run.

Entry for December 02, 2007″ Elegance”

December 2, 2007

This word is the descriptions of my things individually as well as collectively. The winter storm that happened this weekend was a combination of snow, ice and bitter temps. The elegance of it was a rare sight to behold.It is still autumn on the calendar,yet the winter storm is well upon us as the beginning of a new month. I spent the time reading and watching an enjoyable movie. Elegance may too be found in language; in a particular accent. As the French, Italien, Englishmen and so forth. One may find elegance in the English language as spoken by Americans. Their mere choice of words in which they apply effortlessly. This is phenomenal.Few persons have this gift. One must take practice and diligence in acquiring this. There is a dignity which I would think its in born and of course a finesse as well. The accent of the new englander is quite attractive to me. My granddaughter Rebecca has her 10th birthday today and on the same day my grandson Nicholas was stung 3 times in 2 seconds by a wasp.Both Nicholas and Jonathon have had the same action occur to them at different times.The refinement of someone surely enhanses ones composure. It ensures a person’s identity. For how a person is prepares them to carry on their important ideals and therefore their own and unique destiny in life. It is an adventure.dare it.