Entry for December 02, 2007″ Elegance”

This word is the descriptions of my things individually as well as collectively. The winter storm that happened this weekend was a combination of snow, ice and bitter temps. The elegance of it was a rare sight to behold.It is still autumn on the calendar,yet the winter storm is well upon us as the beginning of a new month. I spent the time reading and watching an enjoyable movie. Elegance may too be found in language; in a particular accent. As the French, Italien, Englishmen and so forth. One may find elegance in the English language as spoken by Americans. Their mere choice of words in which they apply effortlessly. This is phenomenal.Few persons have this gift. One must take practice and diligence in acquiring this. There is a dignity which I would think its in born and of course a finesse as well. The accent of the new englander is quite attractive to me. My granddaughter Rebecca has her 10th birthday today and on the same day my grandson Nicholas was stung 3 times in 2 seconds by a wasp.Both Nicholas and Jonathon have had the same action occur to them at different times.The refinement of someone surely enhanses ones composure. It ensures a person’s identity. For how a person is prepares them to carry on their important ideals and therefore their own and unique destiny in life. It is an adventure.dare it.

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