Entry for December 08, 2007″Levels”

This is a connector of a myriad of matter. Some slogans that are appropriate 1] on the level meaning honest 2] one shouldn’t stoop down to their level; meaning in an argument one must refrain from using derogatory language. One’s experience has found that if one keeps their composure in detrimental situations, things will turn out positively.When one is faced with adversity it becomes more difficult to hold one’s ground. One is apt to cling to another’s level of intelligence. The person feels more in tune with that.Whereas they feel they may relate better. If one has the desire to aid a person who is addicted to substance; sometimes it is necessary to speak on their level in order to simply aid them. Against all odds this could be successful, more likely than not. There is a level of intelligence within one’s composition.That tendency naturally makes one be with another who has the same wants and needs. Regardless if it is a negative to them.The person seeks out whenever or wherever the negativity can be found. One may go to great lengths. One has found in order to have mere civility, again one must have the demeanor, and the presense of mind to bring the person up to their level. That may indicate that one may have a few friends in doing so. It is better than people using and abusing others. For the simple fact they cannot get what they want.You must endure, for you must not let yourself down. You must only answer to yourself in the long run.

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