Entry for December 09, 2007″Admiration”

There is nothing worse than accolades as one platitude says. It is easy to give recognition to a person who is well deserved of it. The trouble with that analogy is when that demanding person is not the only one who merits it. There are many others who are not recognized. Accolates comes with a price,to quote another chiche.That is where admiration comes into play. I, personally admire [and want their admiration] a person who sit back and views quietly while listening to the events happenings around them. A person who gives to charitable orgs. whatever the amount and how often; b/c that is what they want to do and not b/c that person will receive it back or a portion of it at the end of the year. Their motive in doing so is genuine. A person who has little for themselves and yet, will give to others again w/o receiving anything for what they do. Their only knowledge is that are doing what they think is rightfully so. I think there is something called quiet admiration where it only exists within certain individuals. Questions come to mind. Am I showing rightful indignation? My intent is not that at all. A person who has had a troubled life with drugs, and yet will turn their life around in a positive way in teaching others the risks, pitfalls and utter despair. In living firsthand that person will prevent history from repeating itself. It is chronologically autumn by the calendar and yet there has been a series of snowfalls,ice, and bitter temps and it started the begining of this month. Trying to get rid of a persistant cough which I am tenacious. I will be taking some Halls and some Robetussin, that will do the trick. Life is a dream, realise it

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