Entry for December 11, 2007″ Tenacity”

With yet another snow storm upon us as it is bearing down as I write this piece; my inborn quality comes in full play.For tenacity is who I am as a individual. I am so content with it.This and every flake of snow is a beauty to behold. So if it inconveniences some in their daily life; it only make life more interesting. For me, there is a change of venue as I originally was going to Borders to pick up the book that I ordered some time ago.There is always another time to do what needs to be done. So now I have the wonderful opportunity to write another piece of my thoughts are scrolled on paper[typed on the computer]. After this I may go outside and wrap my mind into mere enjoyment as I stand out there in the snow dressed warmly from head to toe, and view and feel the snow coming down from the cloudy sky above.Think of how fortunate I am to be a a place with the winter snow. This is a good time to read a book, listen to a favorite songs of music, or just perhaps do one’s pastime and relax.There are so many things to keep one occupied. One must use their ingenuity. Be unconcerned.Know that tomorrow will come soon enough. Why stress over the things that one cannot control?And put one at a risk of anxiety. Life is what you make it. Think of the future and then one may deal better with what’s at hand. Enjoy each and every moment that comes our way. These are irreplaceable times in the mere scope of events.

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