Entry for December 18, 2007″Waiting”

Without being aware of time, one is always waiting for someone or something in their unique lives. I, of course are without exception. But am I the only one who will attempt to script about it? Probably, and that is fine with me. One must realise that if one is waiting for something to happen and seems anxious about it; it seems that the time goes slower than it would in a normal course of events; than if one would just relax.It is fun to actually try to analyse it. One doesn’t like to wait in lines, of any sort.I don’t mind b/c I find it ok to simply watch people, their reactions, mannerisms etc.so it makes the time go faster than usual,although it is going at the same rate.It seems if one is waiting for something unpleasant, it seems to be longer. However if one is in the midst of something good, it seems to be a shorter time span. One aspect worth mentioning is when a person is younger things seems longer, than when the same person becomes older.One can’t find to answer to that. There are just no answers to certains questions. Want my lingering cough to end soon though each day it is better.I haven’t been writing recently for I have been enthralled with my latest book called ‘Maze’ by Larry Collins and it is nearly finished. It is very intriguing and it is a page turner,however it seems to stay with me. So the finality is ok with me. I went to Borders today to pick up a couple of purchases that I’ve ordered. One was a used book by Dominque La Pierre and the dvd ‘Once and that movie is sensational and will see it in its entirety. In summation. that one’s favorite cd’s and dvd’s,and books in which one collects is good for the fact that one can reread the book or listen to music repeatedly and that will make to waiting ok. For it is always your frame of mind which is important.

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