Entry for December 24, 2007″Connotations”

With yet another winter storm just finished and yet more in the future, it is Christmas Eve 2007. Eve has the connotion, the day before the celebration of Christmas. Eve to the moslems, is their own special celebration.I only know that b/c I was told that when I questioned that word in that context. One would think that certain groups of people such as attorneys, physicans,musicians as well as hicks from the sticks all have one thing in common. They all have their own language spoken to each other and only understood by them. Invariably some types of music such as rap has its own connotation unto itself; whereas the population not prevalent. The words are all run together and don’t have enunciation. Therefore isn’t found in vocabulary as well as the dictionary.Let’s one bask in the sunshine that this writer is looking out of the window and sees a peak of sun shining through the clouds. Of course that was just momentarily.As I was waiting for the news to be seen I happen to view the pbs channel for a few moments and to my astonishment found a program on hinduism. That was ironic for the fact that other celebrations were and are taking place at and around the same time and one would think that why should that subject be left out in the cold. My connotation is that people should always look not for what divides us but what is in harmony and what is universal in each of us.Sometimes there is nothing in common with people and one must realise that fact and carry on. That message may go to all of us only on one condition and that is if the person really wants to adheres to it.

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