Entry for December 26, 2007″Patience”

Some persons are very short on patience.That is definitely on my agenda, synonymous in my case and generally a part of my overall personality. I find to have endless patience with other people, depending of the likes and dislikes, regarding of who they are and that of course is overestimating matters. Needless to say, I personally have minute or no patience with myself. Point being, in writing this, I feel that that words should flow effortlessly. One wonders why that is not the case. I have always written off the culf, so it’s never rehearsed,so therefore seems relaxed and natural. It takes a much longer time to prepare however one is much more satisfied with the end result. It would be grand if one would have more space in which to script. This way one could be better relaxed and not think more of the spelling of the correct words and how to structure the sentences themselves. I just want to have things perfect when I finally post it. Maybe I worry about it a bit much. That is why I care about what I achieve and b/c it is my first attempt to write on this blog, even though I have written a myriad of these previously. I feel that each attempt is starting anew with a distinguishable subjects and diversing premises. Had a wonderful day yesterday. Spoke to my son, Andre, and to his girlfriend. Had a nice conversation with them and then later spoke to Andre again. Earlier in the day, my cousin Mike phoned and we had such a spontaneous, relaxed and well as long conversation with one another. I was overwhelmed. He emailed me his address and phone number and told me when I am out his way to come again. That is surely my intention. I have an idea that may be plausible. Thinking that my brother, Greg, my cousin Mike, both live in a general area. My son Ian stays with his wife’s family when they are home in the states.Speaking of my son Ian, he and his lovely family are coming to Madison to see me. I will be happy if that is a reality.This is my practice with patience. I know that I have deviated from the subject a bit, but that was necessary to chat about items dear to my heart.

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