Entry for December 30, 2007″Organization”

On yet another winter storm yet upon us; and with present snowfall and the one coming, it will be a record snowfall of 37. something inches. It is absolutely breathtaking to view. And the temps aren’t usually cold. Yet one may enjoy the utter splendid of it. It is wise to have organization in one’s life and to have it methodically planned as best as one can. Therefore one may look forward to what lies ahead than thinking at one day at a time. Years ago when I was working, I would come in early for a closing shift so I could relax before it started and many occasions (more often than not) when I started the restaurant; the place was in such disarray it would be very hard to keep my composure, without flying off the handle. Losing one’s concentration in the midst of such confusion as a result of much clutter and mere stupidity. It is not a pretty picture. It is good to plan as well as organize one’s life so one may have an authentic way of looking at the entire spectrum, as if only one portion.In the same mind frame one may like change however not sporadically. One likes change though have it for a long period of time, as not opposed to it. One may sometimes have the notion to be spontaneous and still have organization. One may find to be more cheerful too. I recently thought and planned to have more heat coming my room. So I took a pair of scizzors and began to tear only one section of the back of my entertainment center where it was partially blocking of heat vent.It took some strength to achieve this and to my wonder I was able to fulfil this and was very pleased at the outcome b/c now the room has heat. I of course am always thinking ahead to the month coming as to the bitter bone chilling temps. So again I am content of have that done. I tend to write in the third person sometimes.Really looking forward to the year ahead. It will bring promises,adventures,warmth, and wonderment to this blogger.

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