Entry for December 31, 2007″Another Eve”

As another Eve is upon us and the record snowfall comes as the second with 33 inches, one is anticipating the New Year celebrations; as this day comes to a close as the last day of the year 2007. One is struck by the elevation of it all. As yet it is a few hours till midnight and the human race will announce a brand new year. It does stand to reason that some of the same events which occurred in years past will yet make their presence known. However one does hope that it will not be the case of if it does, it comes in lesser amounts. Of course at this every time it is already 2008 in some parts of the world. I really didn’t intend to write today, but changed my course of action. I still intend to look at the nights festivities on the tele and hopefully will receive some welcome phone calls or maybe yet tomorrow will be more suitable. Never have gone to a New Years celebration in my life and would like to do that at some point of my life. I certainly would not regret it and I would ponder it could be fun and something out of the ordinary. It would be good at this time to be around family and people you are most fond of. Speaking of family, I emailed my niece, Heather who lives in Colorado Springs and got an email back a short time ago. Gave her my phone number and perhaps we could chat by phone.Like to be around certain family members as to oppose to others. My tendency is that I feel more at ease with certain people and want to gravitate toward them for I am comfortable around them. And that goes with friends too.In this year I have done a great deal of things and hope in the this upcoming year will do things that are different and still stand for my principals in which I uphold.

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