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Entry for January 29, 2008″ Nothing In Comparison” Part 2

January 29, 2008

As one has finally guessed, in the continuing saga; the answer is the magnificant,outstanding, world renound[are there many more adjectives]. One awakes at a very early hour just to write about this city. So imagine one’s feelings if they would suddenly want to fly there. How exhilarated it would be to go to nyc and spend time there. The city has 5 boroughs which are Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island. I, myself was born in Mid-Manhattan and lived in Flushing, Mineola, Forrest Hills, Astoria, Woodside,and Jamaica all in Queens. One lived there for 10 years and the time spent there is most vivid. Recalling going up on the roof and sit up there and spend some quiet time watching the stars and the scenery at night. Let us not forget the fire escapes too.Recalling incinerators to burn the refuse. It was not at all good for the environment. In my reverie toward the spring and summer one could cool themselves off with the frequent hydrants nearby. The nyc ps system was ok. I went to private schools and they were strict in encouraging students to excel in their needed studies. One recalls of a teacher asking the students to say their multiplication tables and she would go around the room and asked them individually. If perhaps one would miss it then that student would be held back in that grade. So it was essential for the students to not just memorise but to know the material at hand in order to pass the grade. This was only one act of discipline for you in later life. It was most beneficial to one’s learning.The schools in nyc have a regent test for students to pass. There are many fine opportunities for one to seek if they are so inclined.

Entry for January 28, 2008″ Nothing To Compare” Part1

January 28, 2008

As the saying goes”you can take the person out of the city,but you can’t take the city out of the person” For there is nothing to compare to saying enough favourite things about this city. One may think of things to say about this city in which they don’t for some unknown reason don’t like. And that is ok for one is entitled to their own opinion. Being a native new yorker, there isn’t enough good things in which one may say about it. If one could actually think more about that reason, it would come down to one word, attitude. Their straightforwardness in looking at the world around them and their uncanny views of each other as well as themselves. There is not enough outstanding things that one may say in reference to the city as a whole. There are endless adjectives to describe the city which is of course one is speaking in a pleasant way. It would be grand someday to go to there again. The last time I was there was in 1992. Of course it wasn’t for an extended length. It would be wonderful to go there for a leisurely visit and actually view the city at a pace conducive to one’s personal schedule. Not to be in a hurry and have time to actually enjoy the surroundings. There is 5 boroughs in the city. Not parishes of counties, but bouroughs. So that in itself makes the city unique in its own way. May one take an educated guess as to which city I am referring. It is New York City, the one and only magnificant place.

Entry for January 27, 2008″ Solitude”

January 27, 2008

In my solitude one finds peace as well as comfort in the fact of things already accomplished and yet various things yet to be done in the future. When one reads they seem to incorporate something indigenous what that a person does. I, for one am no exception to the rule. After reading and finishing a book called” Peter Jennings Reporting” I found it most interesting. And when I first purchased it some months ago, I was hesitate of reading it; simply of the sadness of it and then it was enough time that I found the contents most intriguing. I just sailed through it. It was written by close friends of his and written most eloquently as they were simply speaking in a conversation. I again pick up more words for my vocabulary, such as urbane meaning refined, sauve, charming and the mauldin meaning tearful,nauseatingly sentimental. So one may retain those in hopes to use it in daily language when the time arises. I couldn’t sleep the other night for the fact that my mind was racing. Needless to say that this doesn’t occur often, as I was thinking of my sons Ian and Andre and of my own destiny, to put it in essence. At this very moment I am doing my needed laundry. Carol, my lifelong friend and housemate is again doing another overnight; which in fact I don’t mind. Yesterday, I did some well needed snow shoveling. The recent snowfall was light and yet I had to turn the shovel around the other way to scrape the snow underneath the new fallen. One might tell that I had been doing this process of a period of time. And yet it was untrue. The process was done by my observation of others.

Entry for January 21, 2008″Laissez Faire” Part 4

January 21, 2008

My attitude was laissez faire; one will notice the french title to this topic for I am fond of the french language. Can read and write it, however speaking it is somewhat a task b/c of pronunciation. After two separate days of remarkable events, that night I was content to finally finish my book which was a series of twelve. While writing this piece, I am listening to Radiohead’s latest cd” In Rainbows”. One may take heart in the fact that with seeing their blog in which Ian and Michele update it daily with activities and pictures; it is one unforgetable moment after another. That is why when one hasn’t seen them a period of time having it becomes a destiny.Therefore it is comfortable to the one seeing them again as well. Ian mentioned to me that he and family will be in the states in one and half years. They will be looking for a condo in the D.C. area. Ian will be teaching at university. He also mentioned that he will most probably have to go to Iraq. The possibility is becoming more evident as time passes. If he refuses, he is out of a job. So he is volunteering on his own terms to go after the post in Chennai, which will end in August. However the family will stay in India while Ian will be in Iraq for a year. We momentarily spoke of the danger and he said that he will be well protected. But to a family’s as well as a mother’s heart one can’t imagine. Enough said. I put some needed pictures up on the wall of my bedroom. I am pleased at their appearance.My elaboration and my deviation is an asset to one’s expression. This culminates this memorable event and looking forward to many more to come. As the song title goes “Cat in the Craddle” does and will never apply.

Entry for January 20, 2008″ Unique”Part 3

January 20, 2008

Looking out of the windows of the house there is a brillant glow as the sun shines through the ice shimmering from all the windows; one may see designs from the inside.What a remarkable view. With jewelry; a pair of blue dophins earrings along with a silver pairs, my selected rings, a light blue bracelet, and clothes I had set out the night before; I was again ready for a unique day to unfold. With a short sleeved turquoise shirt with a green striped long sleeved shirt,warm slacks,and a black us olympic jacket. I put on a dash of my favourite and only perfume, Royal Secret. I calmly had breakfast and went about the day in the usual way, going on the computer and viewing the, looked at other sites. Mainly still kept a lid on it. With nearly finishing my book, I proceeded to listen of music which had a calming affect on me. Then noticing it was 5 in the afternoon,I turned on the tele to watch the local,nat.,and internat news.At 5:45 the phone rang, it was Ian saying that they had just gotten in and we spoke for a few minutes. Said that he would like me to join them for dinner near the Residence Inn. He would pick me up in a while. I got on my coat,hat and matching scarf with black gloves and waited for him outside of the house. The weather was cold but enjoyable. When I saw him he got out of the van and gave me a hug{at my request} which felt good. His family were back at the Inn. We sat in the front and had pleasant conversation. Michelle was packing and the children had taken showers and I sat in a chair in the living room and opening my book,I wanted to glance at it. He too glanced at the title with a few words. He was on his laptop in the midst of paying his net bill in India. In twenty minutes we were headed for the restaurant, Outback. They frequent it often when they are in the states. I got a diet coke, a baked potato and broccoli w/ cheese. It was very nice and the conversation consisted of their time in the Dells where skiing and snowboarding were the topics. They flew out the next morning with a two hour lay over in Chicago and then went nonstop to Beijing as tourists, on to K.L Malaysia,before heading home to Chenna,India. Again I seem to go on and on about this topic. One must stop for now and continue and saga tomorrow.

Entry for January 19, 2008 “Composure” Part 2

January 19, 2008

Today is bone chilling temps and will last all wkend long and is expected to be cold like this for the next seven days. With final preparations at the house; I had on longer finished our conversation by phone, than my son pulled up in a rented van with a GPS unit. Ian, and his family was there in front my house. And still my composure was in tact. They got out and with hugs and introductions to the postman who was there with the delivery. After coming inside briefly, all of us took a walk to sort of a playground so the children could play and enjoy the snow, which they hadn’t seen in 3 years.And to get some needed exercise after the long flight. Ian, Michelle and I were having conversations while periodically watching the children and enjoying the scenic view. We then proceeded to the chosen restaurant and it didn’t for a hour. Ian thought a movie was appropos. After debating to see a movie on dvd; of going downtown.The general concensus was to head downtown to State St. Being that the movie theatre wasn’t showing anything of interest, walking was the best option. All of us took a long leisure walk for a good appetite. Occasionally stopping into specialty shops along the way while chatting too. It was most enjoyable to all. We headed back to the van and went to the Indian restaurant. It was elegant,with food and atmosphere. It was the first time I had been there as the first time I had savor Indian food. The children favored it. I contemplated on my choice and thought of what I liked on the menu. So being I favored eggplant, I ordered eggplant combined with tomatoes,onions, and mild spices, with a side order of wild rice with peas. With all Indian food rice is served to take away from the taste of the spices. That info was given by Ian. I often wondered about that.When everyone had their meal before them I suggested to say “Grace” and proceeded them in the prayer. During the dinner we spoke frequently. I noticed that the children were well behaved. I commented and was told that they are tired. I had noticed too that they had good table matters, as to please pass me this or that.After that we went to “Copps”the neighborhood grocery next door to purchase some snacks and soft drinks for the upcoming trip to the Milwaukee, to see a hockey game; to Wisconsin Dells for skiing.Then back to Madison. Michelle said ” See you on Wednesday” This saga will continue tomorrow.

Entry for January 18, 2008″ Handling It” Part 1

January 18, 2008

As the winter continues at a brisk pace as frigid temps are for this weekend I am handling it remarkably well, meaning that my composure is in tact. I have a little unknown slogan or thought. I just think of the people that I love,respect, and admire; and in turn want their admiration. During the Christmas holidays while sending presents and best wishes to my friends and my family; I got an email from Ian and Michelle saying that they were coming to Madison on the 11th of January and ask me if dinner would be good. Now keep it mind this was in December, and the weather was unbearable for travel conditions. I thought to myself that that 11th of January 2008 was far from now; and in actuality is wasn’t however that was how I kept a handle on it and a lid as well. I didn’t tell anyone except Carol. So in that way I wouldn’t get a series of questions and statements. And in that way I could keep calm about it. Then I got a Christmas card from them saying see you on the 11th. I look and view the contents and again kept a lid on it, as well as my composure. When I just thought about the possibilility I was overwhelmed realising that it had been 5 years since I’d seen him and his family.So again reading did wonders for me, so I could solely concentrate on the reading material. Taking long walks I knew would not be good so I avoided that. Listening to music was good for me as well. I just had to put the thought on the back burner as the days were approaching. Then in fact the day was finally here. I didn’t adjust in schedule in any shape. My intentions were that. And the phone rang and on the caller id was residence inn. I calmly pick it up and the voice said” Mom it’s Ian” We spoke for a few minutes. The conversation was like I had spoken to him on a daily basis. Our conversation went very well. Beforehand, we decided to go to the Indian Taj. on Park St. One may think that I don’t want to stop writing about this happy event.This I will continue tomorrow.

Entry for January 17, 2008″ Yet Another Snowfall”

January 17, 2008

With yet another snowfall to awaken me when I peered out the front window; it is beautiful to behold. All the fresh fallen snow upon the branches and yes the tree trunks as well.The temps are going to be fridged[12 below zero, and the highs zero.] This occurrence will be this wkend. Here we will have bone chilling temps for 2 weeks in this month. One does not give a care if they are dressed properly. I always think it is a welcome change as I just go with the flow. Finally finished my last book in a series of authors. I just sailed through all 12 of them. I will take a short respite from it for a while; for the next book I will pick up at Borders early next month. It being the latest book by Jimmy Breslin.I will then spend more time on the computer and take more walks in which I haven’t done for a while. I was told a second ago that the weather isn’t conducive to walking today,as one is writing at the moment I can feel the temps dropping so I put another layer of clothing, being a jacket. Now I feel comfortable, and drinking hot coffee does wonders for the soul. I have made my blog public as I wanted my sons valued opinions as to what they thought. With my son’s suggestion I did just that. With doing so, I will not begin to censor anything and still script in the natural way. That meaning without a prepared text. Now, not being self-conscious and having self-esteem; I am most proud of what one is doing with one’s time and energy.

Entry for January 13, 2008″ Prejudice”

January 13, 2008

That word has the connotation of pre judging something of some one beforehand. It is done naturally without the presence of forethought in many cases. One’s natural likes and dislikes come into play. As well as their fears and thoughts as to what they have read and been told by previous generations in some cases. One may pay no mind to that type of gibberish. If one is intelligent, one could see right through that and take it with a grain of salt. As a slogan goes “Racism has no heart, no soul, yet it has a shadow. Those exact words could and should be used for prejudice. Everyone is different in their own way. So all persons should be given a chance. Though what differentiates a person is not the way a person looks, it the way that they act. That should determine one’s component as to whether to person in question is up to par. One must use common sense in this matter to give them peace of mind as to not infringe on certain rights.This is a challenging subject for the fact that I again like to write off the top of my head. In that way it is comes naturally to me. One may observe that some people just exist from day to day, yet others seem to want live in the moment while looking forward to a bright and promising future. I myself precisely are in the latter. Another slogan is to never judge a book by it cover.

Entry for January 11, 2008″ Race Verses Class” Part 3

January 11, 2008

This segment deals with primarily race and class together as one. Class is the way people act when in front of others and when they are by one’s self. Again they seem to be the same way,meaning they don’t put on airs as they don’t know how to in the first place. In fact they are ignorant. No matter what you say, how you say it, there is simply no sense of reasoning with these types of people. It is to my observation that more men live off of women. What is it in a woman’s personality that makes it allowable? Does it come down to sentimentality when speaking of the women. Aren’t the women’s characters strong enough to disallow this events from happening. The men are of weak characters. Now may I clarify at this point that one is only speaking in general terms. What part of the population is this occuring mostly and how often? It is a shameful matter to say the least. And to the fact that this matter is constantly occurring and will occur in the future. One doesn’t find or very rare that women are living off of men, of maybe in rare cases. Again why is that? I have been asking a numerous questions regarding this segment. Is it so that women are more emotional than men are? That is affirmative. So is it just to have certain men take advantage of that? No, it is very unjust. Is it that women feel more lonely and as a result they will take any man who is looking for a handout. This could go on for a number of years unless women here and now put an end to that concept.