Entry for January 06, 2008 ” A Wish” Part 1

As the slogan is stated, ‘ be carefull for what you wish for’. That is an obvious statement as well as logical. As this brand new year is underway, there are resolutions to say and in some cases to keep. One wonders how many people actually abide by that concept. My intention is to continue to try to my utmost to have a wish come true. That being is to find my niece, Christal. This is my first attempt to write my thoughts. I haven’t done so till now as I have been feveriously reading this book “Black Eagle” by Larry Collins. A very informative.well written,mesmerizing,intriguing as all of them are.Another reason is that I have tried and in the midst of doing that; to wonder how my niece Christal and her sister Liz is. It is most difficult to try to locate them without full cooperation from the rest of the family. It is frustrating also of their mere indifference to that fact. So therefore I am on my own with my ingenuity. I have principals that I uphold to and are within myself. So I have the tendency to act alone in a venture. My sister Christine died at the beginning as the new century was barely underway; as it was maybe 2002 or 2003. All I know was that I was living in Ala. and had to take a flight to Orlando; and from there to Winter Pk. Fla. My sister had died suddenly. My sister was the mother of my two nieces in question. It is ironic and a fact that when things such of these occur, the family is literally driven apart from no fault of their own. And therefore must shift for themselves the best or in some cases the worst they can. It is called survival.

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