Entry for January 07, 2008 “Backtracking” Part 2

As this saga continues, it is well known only to me; that it is also a dilemna. As the family is slowly torn by those events, it becomes a mere reality. As we all meet in Orlando, somewhat happy to see everyone, and yet although sadden at the same time. Why is it that only certain events bring people together otherwise that they don’t see each other? That is a question to ponder. After the event the family goes their separate ways to deal with their own grief. In the meantime my nieces go through their own grief as well as trying to keep their heads above water by living with friends in anyway they can. My brother, Greg offers to assist them in every way possible,b/c he felt the closest to my sister. And one would figure in doing so, he could restore the warmth and somewhat take away the emptiness he was feeling at the time. My nieces subsequently lived with my brother for some period of time. I spoke to Christal while I was living in Ala. I had a joyous conversation with her. I felt somewhat content that things were coming back to some sort of normalcy. However I was not self assured how long it would last. I know for a fact Greg was doing his best to rekindle and to find some reservoir of hope. I would think that was his reason for aiding my nieces. As the years went on, certain members would inquire to me; as I would inturn to them and ask how my nieces were. Sometimes it was an answer of not knowing,or it grew to indifference to my persistence in knowing where they were and how they were. So in a way I am backtracting to view a whole picture of events. On the bright side, I have time on my side.

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