Entry for January 08, 2008 “Perhaps” Part 3

There just could be perhaps a light at the end of the tunnel. Was chatting to one of my other nieces during the holidays. In the accordance of this and that, ask Andrea if she heard Christal and Liz and Andrea said that no; but she could give me a link to the webpage on myspace. I was content to at least have that info after so long. I proceeded to view this with curiosity as well as concern in the fact that I wanted at last to find out where she is and how she is. Upon viewing, at last the webpage, I found out info which was before not known. My gratitude toward Andrea is unimaginable for that kind gesture. I found some more info on her otherwise unavailable. Although at finding that I am still can’t email her b/c of the privacy of the website. Saw that she makes recent entries and started the webpage in 2004. That tells me that she has been there for some period of time. She is in Dearborn, Michigan; is now 31 years of age; and surprizingly has the same birthday as my son Andre; and to my utter amazement that Christal and Andre were born the exact year and that of course makes them the same age. Now how many times of life does one find that? And that they are cousins. Now that is phenomenal. Last night I had an idea of emailing the Detroit Free Press to see if they could aid me in this quest and that is what I did. Just perhaps that may give me more info and at the same time find a way to contact her. I am the type of person who is never is grasping for straws.

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