Entry for January 09, 2008 “Race Verses Class” Part 1

This is somewhat interchangeable, controversial, in someways it is separate; and yet few have the courage to have the subject addressed. Race has its own culture and language. Meaning the types of food is indigenous. One when visiting a book store or a library; it is likely to have a section on race (black). One may find newspapers in major cities that are written and read by the race (black). In a previous blog I commented on the reasons as to why. So for that I will not be redundant of repetitive. Now to the subject of class. It is better known in other countries from what I know about it from my reading. One will find places such as Atlanta, are well educated and strive well to do, professionals. And yet they prefer to be sectioned off to themselves. These people live in mansions as in the southern plantations with a great deal of their own land (property) to raise their animals of their choosing. Also they belong to country clubs to enjoy a myriad of sports.Pay taxes, send their children to the private schools and therefore educated them in a proper matter.Also provided with good secondary and university schools; and inturn they will have the best jobs available to them. At a result, do they have the tendency to think differently? The answer would be in the affirmative.In conversations with others, is their aptitude to raise up to one’s level? Again the answer is the affirmative. And all in all, they are optimistic and are responsible members of society.

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