Entry for January 10, 2008 ” Race Verses Class” Part 2

Again on the same topic, let’s take it from a different angle. When one speaks of race, it is not to emphasize a particular one. One emphatically is only speaking in general terms. There is a segment of our society who are irresponsible to themselves, as well as to others. This is unfortunately whether these persons are black, white or sky blue pink. Their aptitude seems to be that they can and do exist off others. 1) paying no rent for the place in which they reside,2) have no job, and don’t intend to get one.3) don’t pay for utilities. Now there is another segment of the human race that reside in trailer parks. 1) get welfare checks; instead of using it wisely.These people use it for drugs and alcohol.2.) Also get food stamps; go to the supermarket and buy steaks, and other expensive items. Their main regard is to take, take, take. They are lazy and good for nothings. One might surmise that they are in a state of oblivion. And yet it seems that corner bars are in a throws touch of them. Is it just to have the bars there? One may think no; however the bar owners and the bartenders are there making an honest living. One may debate at the whose expense. Then again, it is the people who decide to frequent these establishments. One should not in fact blame the establishments. For they have existed there for a long period of time. Am I going off in a tangent? Now for the subject of class.The so called acquaintances of these people have to gall to walk into one’s house without knocking, 1) take showers,2) use the phone 3) open the fridge.4) Then proceed to take and cook on the stove. 5)Then sleep on sofas or beds. This is all without permission. One may ask is it allowable and if so why?

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