Entry for January 11, 2008″ Race Verses Class” Part 3

This segment deals with primarily race and class together as one. Class is the way people act when in front of others and when they are by one’s self. Again they seem to be the same way,meaning they don’t put on airs as they don’t know how to in the first place. In fact they are ignorant. No matter what you say, how you say it, there is simply no sense of reasoning with these types of people. It is to my observation that more men live off of women. What is it in a woman’s personality that makes it allowable? Does it come down to sentimentality when speaking of the women. Aren’t the women’s characters strong enough to disallow this events from happening. The men are of weak characters. Now may I clarify at this point that one is only speaking in general terms. What part of the population is this occuring mostly and how often? It is a shameful matter to say the least. And to the fact that this matter is constantly occurring and will occur in the future. One doesn’t find or very rare that women are living off of men, of maybe in rare cases. Again why is that? I have been asking a numerous questions regarding this segment. Is it so that women are more emotional than men are? That is affirmative. So is it just to have certain men take advantage of that? No, it is very unjust. Is it that women feel more lonely and as a result they will take any man who is looking for a handout. This could go on for a number of years unless women here and now put an end to that concept.

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