Entry for January 13, 2008″ Prejudice”

That word has the connotation of pre judging something of some one beforehand. It is done naturally without the presence of forethought in many cases. One’s natural likes and dislikes come into play. As well as their fears and thoughts as to what they have read and been told by previous generations in some cases. One may pay no mind to that type of gibberish. If one is intelligent, one could see right through that and take it with a grain of salt. As a slogan goes “Racism has no heart, no soul, yet it has a shadow. Those exact words could and should be used for prejudice. Everyone is different in their own way. So all persons should be given a chance. Though what differentiates a person is not the way a person looks, it the way that they act. That should determine one’s component as to whether to person in question is up to par. One must use common sense in this matter to give them peace of mind as to not infringe on certain rights.This is a challenging subject for the fact that I again like to write off the top of my head. In that way it is comes naturally to me. One may observe that some people just exist from day to day, yet others seem to want live in the moment while looking forward to a bright and promising future. I myself precisely are in the latter. Another slogan is to never judge a book by it cover.

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