Entry for January 17, 2008″ Yet Another Snowfall”

With yet another snowfall to awaken me when I peered out the front window; it is beautiful to behold. All the fresh fallen snow upon the branches and yes the tree trunks as well.The temps are going to be fridged[12 below zero, and the highs zero.] This occurrence will be this wkend. Here we will have bone chilling temps for 2 weeks in this month. One does not give a care if they are dressed properly. I always think it is a welcome change as I just go with the flow. Finally finished my last book in a series of authors. I just sailed through all 12 of them. I will take a short respite from it for a while; for the next book I will pick up at Borders early next month. It being the latest book by Jimmy Breslin.I will then spend more time on the computer and take more walks in which I haven’t done for a while. I was told a second ago that the weather isn’t conducive to walking today,as one is writing at the moment I can feel the temps dropping so I put another layer of clothing, being a jacket. Now I feel comfortable, and drinking hot coffee does wonders for the soul. I have made my blog public as I wanted my sons valued opinions as to what they thought. With my son’s suggestion I did just that. With doing so, I will not begin to censor anything and still script in the natural way. That meaning without a prepared text. Now, not being self-conscious and having self-esteem; I am most proud of what one is doing with one’s time and energy.

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