Entry for January 18, 2008″ Handling It” Part 1

As the winter continues at a brisk pace as frigid temps are for this weekend I am handling it remarkably well, meaning that my composure is in tact. I have a little unknown slogan or thought. I just think of the people that I love,respect, and admire; and in turn want their admiration. During the Christmas holidays while sending presents and best wishes to my friends and my family; I got an email from Ian and Michelle saying that they were coming to Madison on the 11th of January and ask me if dinner would be good. Now keep it mind this was in December, and the weather was unbearable for travel conditions. I thought to myself that that 11th of January 2008 was far from now; and in actuality is wasn’t however that was how I kept a handle on it and a lid as well. I didn’t tell anyone except Carol. So in that way I wouldn’t get a series of questions and statements. And in that way I could keep calm about it. Then I got a Christmas card from them saying see you on the 11th. I look and view the contents and again kept a lid on it, as well as my composure. When I just thought about the possibilility I was overwhelmed realising that it had been 5 years since I’d seen him and his family.So again reading did wonders for me, so I could solely concentrate on the reading material. Taking long walks I knew would not be good so I avoided that. Listening to music was good for me as well. I just had to put the thought on the back burner as the days were approaching. Then in fact the day was finally here. I didn’t adjust in schedule in any shape. My intentions were that. And the phone rang and on the caller id was residence inn. I calmly pick it up and the voice said” Mom it’s Ian” We spoke for a few minutes. The conversation was like I had spoken to him on a daily basis. Our conversation went very well. Beforehand, we decided to go to the Indian Taj. on Park St. One may think that I don’t want to stop writing about this happy event.This I will continue tomorrow.

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