Entry for January 19, 2008 “Composure” Part 2

Today is bone chilling temps and will last all wkend long and is expected to be cold like this for the next seven days. With final preparations at the house; I had on longer finished our conversation by phone, than my son pulled up in a rented van with a GPS unit. Ian, and his family was there in front my house. And still my composure was in tact. They got out and with hugs and introductions to the postman who was there with the delivery. After coming inside briefly, all of us took a walk to sort of a playground so the children could play and enjoy the snow, which they hadn’t seen in 3 years.And to get some needed exercise after the long flight. Ian, Michelle and I were having conversations while periodically watching the children and enjoying the scenic view. We then proceeded to the chosen restaurant and it didn’t for a hour. Ian thought a movie was appropos. After debating to see a movie on dvd; of going downtown.The general concensus was to head downtown to State St. Being that the movie theatre wasn’t showing anything of interest, walking was the best option. All of us took a long leisure walk for a good appetite. Occasionally stopping into specialty shops along the way while chatting too. It was most enjoyable to all. We headed back to the van and went to the Indian restaurant. It was elegant,with food and atmosphere. It was the first time I had been there as the first time I had savor Indian food. The children favored it. I contemplated on my choice and thought of what I liked on the menu. So being I favored eggplant, I ordered eggplant combined with tomatoes,onions, and mild spices, with a side order of wild rice with peas. With all Indian food rice is served to take away from the taste of the spices. That info was given by Ian. I often wondered about that.When everyone had their meal before them I suggested to say “Grace” and proceeded them in the prayer. During the dinner we spoke frequently. I noticed that the children were well behaved. I commented and was told that they are tired. I had noticed too that they had good table matters, as to please pass me this or that.After that we went to “Copps”the neighborhood grocery next door to purchase some snacks and soft drinks for the upcoming trip to the Milwaukee, to see a hockey game; to Wisconsin Dells for skiing.Then back to Madison. Michelle said ” See you on Wednesday” This saga will continue tomorrow.

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