Entry for January 20, 2008″ Unique”Part 3

Looking out of the windows of the house there is a brillant glow as the sun shines through the ice shimmering from all the windows; one may see designs from the inside.What a remarkable view. With jewelry; a pair of blue dophins earrings along with a silver pairs, my selected rings, a light blue bracelet, and clothes I had set out the night before; I was again ready for a unique day to unfold. With a short sleeved turquoise shirt with a green striped long sleeved shirt,warm slacks,and a black us olympic jacket. I put on a dash of my favourite and only perfume, Royal Secret. I calmly had breakfast and went about the day in the usual way, going on the computer and viewing the nat-internat.news, looked at other sites. Mainly still kept a lid on it. With nearly finishing my book, I proceeded to listen of music which had a calming affect on me. Then noticing it was 5 in the afternoon,I turned on the tele to watch the local,nat.,and internat news.At 5:45 the phone rang, it was Ian saying that they had just gotten in and we spoke for a few minutes. Said that he would like me to join them for dinner near the Residence Inn. He would pick me up in a while. I got on my coat,hat and matching scarf with black gloves and waited for him outside of the house. The weather was cold but enjoyable. When I saw him he got out of the van and gave me a hug{at my request} which felt good. His family were back at the Inn. We sat in the front and had pleasant conversation. Michelle was packing and the children had taken showers and I sat in a chair in the living room and opening my book,I wanted to glance at it. He too glanced at the title with a few words. He was on his laptop in the midst of paying his net bill in India. In twenty minutes we were headed for the restaurant, Outback. They frequent it often when they are in the states. I got a diet coke, a baked potato and broccoli w/ cheese. It was very nice and the conversation consisted of their time in the Dells where skiing and snowboarding were the topics. They flew out the next morning with a two hour lay over in Chicago and then went nonstop to Beijing as tourists, on to K.L Malaysia,before heading home to Chenna,India. Again I seem to go on and on about this topic. One must stop for now and continue and saga tomorrow.

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