Entry for January 21, 2008″Laissez Faire” Part 4

My attitude was laissez faire; one will notice the french title to this topic for I am fond of the french language. Can read and write it, however speaking it is somewhat a task b/c of pronunciation. After two separate days of remarkable events, that night I was content to finally finish my book which was a series of twelve. While writing this piece, I am listening to Radiohead’s latest cd” In Rainbows”. One may take heart in the fact that with seeing their blog in which Ian and Michele update it daily with activities and pictures; it is one unforgetable moment after another. That is why when one hasn’t seen them a period of time having it becomes a destiny.Therefore it is comfortable to the one seeing them again as well. Ian mentioned to me that he and family will be in the states in one and half years. They will be looking for a condo in the D.C. area. Ian will be teaching at university. He also mentioned that he will most probably have to go to Iraq. The possibility is becoming more evident as time passes. If he refuses, he is out of a job. So he is volunteering on his own terms to go after the post in Chennai, which will end in August. However the family will stay in India while Ian will be in Iraq for a year. We momentarily spoke of the danger and he said that he will be well protected. But to a family’s as well as a mother’s heart one can’t imagine. Enough said. I put some needed pictures up on the wall of my bedroom. I am pleased at their appearance.My elaboration and my deviation is an asset to one’s expression. This culminates this memorable event and looking forward to many more to come. As the song title goes “Cat in the Craddle” does and will never apply.

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