Entry for January 27, 2008″ Solitude”

In my solitude one finds peace as well as comfort in the fact of things already accomplished and yet various things yet to be done in the future. When one reads they seem to incorporate something indigenous what that a person does. I, for one am no exception to the rule. After reading and finishing a book called” Peter Jennings Reporting” I found it most interesting. And when I first purchased it some months ago, I was hesitate of reading it; simply of the sadness of it and then it was enough time that I found the contents most intriguing. I just sailed through it. It was written by close friends of his and written most eloquently as they were simply speaking in a conversation. I again pick up more words for my vocabulary, such as urbane meaning refined, sauve, charming and the mauldin meaning tearful,nauseatingly sentimental. So one may retain those in hopes to use it in daily language when the time arises. I couldn’t sleep the other night for the fact that my mind was racing. Needless to say that this doesn’t occur often, as I was thinking of my sons Ian and Andre and of my own destiny, to put it in essence. At this very moment I am doing my needed laundry. Carol, my lifelong friend and housemate is again doing another overnight; which in fact I don’t mind. Yesterday, I did some well needed snow shoveling. The recent snowfall was light and yet I had to turn the shovel around the other way to scrape the snow underneath the new fallen. One might tell that I had been doing this process of a period of time. And yet it was untrue. The process was done by my observation of others.

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