Entry for January 28, 2008″ Nothing To Compare” Part1

As the saying goes”you can take the person out of the city,but you can’t take the city out of the person” For there is nothing to compare to saying enough favourite things about this city. One may think of things to say about this city in which they don’t for some unknown reason don’t like. And that is ok for one is entitled to their own opinion. Being a native new yorker, there isn’t enough good things in which one may say about it. If one could actually think more about that reason, it would come down to one word, attitude. Their straightforwardness in looking at the world around them and their uncanny views of each other as well as themselves. There is not enough outstanding things that one may say in reference to the city as a whole. There are endless adjectives to describe the city which is of course one is speaking in a pleasant way. It would be grand someday to go to there again. The last time I was there was in 1992. Of course it wasn’t for an extended length. It would be wonderful to go there for a leisurely visit and actually view the city at a pace conducive to one’s personal schedule. Not to be in a hurry and have time to actually enjoy the surroundings. There is 5 boroughs in the city. Not parishes of counties, but bouroughs. So that in itself makes the city unique in its own way. May one take an educated guess as to which city I am referring. It is New York City, the one and only magnificant place.

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