Entry for January 29, 2008″ Nothing In Comparison” Part 2

As one has finally guessed, in the continuing saga; the answer is the magnificant,outstanding, world renound[are there many more adjectives]. One awakes at a very early hour just to write about this city. So imagine one’s feelings if they would suddenly want to fly there. How exhilarated it would be to go to nyc and spend time there. The city has 5 boroughs which are Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island. I, myself was born in Mid-Manhattan and lived in Flushing, Mineola, Forrest Hills, Astoria, Woodside,and Jamaica all in Queens. One lived there for 10 years and the time spent there is most vivid. Recalling going up on the roof and sit up there and spend some quiet time watching the stars and the scenery at night. Let us not forget the fire escapes too.Recalling incinerators to burn the refuse. It was not at all good for the environment. In my reverie toward the spring and summer one could cool themselves off with the frequent hydrants nearby. The nyc ps system was ok. I went to private schools and they were strict in encouraging students to excel in their needed studies. One recalls of a teacher asking the students to say their multiplication tables and she would go around the room and asked them individually. If perhaps one would miss it then that student would be held back in that grade. So it was essential for the students to not just memorise but to know the material at hand in order to pass the grade. This was only one act of discipline for you in later life. It was most beneficial to one’s learning.The schools in nyc have a regent test for students to pass. There are many fine opportunities for one to seek if they are so inclined.

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