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Entry for February 29, 2008″Drugs”

February 29, 2008

On a cold winter evening there is nothing better than to brew some hot chocolate and have some popcorn and to sit down to watch one’s favourite movie on dvd in the comfort of the home. It is a good idea to go out occasionally and celebrate and have some alcohol. It comes in many varieties also from many countries. And with the alcohol content stronger in some cases. On the ads on several commercials and on the actual bottle it quotes to drink with responsibility. That is good to caution the general public of this. Although how many heed the notice and how many ignore it? I would think it is of equal value. When unexpected things happen it is somewhat on the shoulders of the product and nearly never sometimes on the user. To adhear to the message written thoughtfully on each bottle.1) one must not drink on an empty stomach. 2) one must not binge drink 3) one must eat while drinking4) one must control the drinking in the process. If for instant, a person isn’t use to drinking; meaning hasn’t had alcohol in a while, the person should watch closely what they drink as to the contents. There is nothing wrong in drinking per se. It is a good idea to have the drinks that the person have had previously and not follow the crowd b/c the other one are drinking something different than you have had. Let the general public follow you. One would be generally surprise at the outcome.

Entry for February 28, 2008″Drugs” Part 1

February 28, 2008

There are a myriad of legal and illegal drugs in this country.Most are undetected and ignored by the general population.The authorities are most interested in the illegal than the legal. It would seem that only when a crime is in process, then and only then are the authorities drawn to the attention of the population. There is the drug caffeine which is enjoyed and consumed by the general public. If not in hot as well as cold beverages with various flavors; it is found in edible products like chocolates. So there hasn’t been a time in one’s life that they haven’t partaken is this indulgence. One can not find a product on the market without finding some particle in it. So it is vital in use in daily life. As one may surmise at this point I am now focusing on the legal ones for now, for it is known that the most attention goes to the illegal ones. One may think that this is a drug oriented society which in some way that is correct. Does other countries have this in their society? One would definitely think that would be the case. In some countries it is much more prevalent than in this one. Yet one lives in this country and so one focuses on the habitation.There are federal agencies which is their job to regulate this topic, and for what reason one would think positively or negatively on their performance. It is important to note that other countries don’t have that luxury. I could very well be incorrect on that point. Other countries may have a similar agency, still one hasn’t heard of it. So whatever the review one may have, one must have gratitude that it is a matter of fact.

Entry for February 26, 2008 “Another Pleasant Day”

February 26, 2008

With another snow storm upon us, the thought originally to have more of an accumulation of falling snow; and this time we were fortunate, the little but a trace occurred. As much as one is fond of the flaky substance, I had a appointment with a friend downtown. And we went there and met at a certain destination and went to Subway next door and had a most pleasant and relaxing conversation about the world as we know it. We touched on and explored in depth subjects in which we held interest. It was really a sociable experience and I felt content in doing that. She spoke about herself as I did. We have a lot in common and were more knowledgeable as a result of the meeting. To my surprise we were agreeable on the many topics in a very short period of time. We said we will plan to meet again in a month as she is a grad student and her time is restricted although I really liked the time we had and I so appreciate the time allowed. Then after that I took a cab home and have the rest of the time to myself. Just a few minutes ago I went to get the mail and saw again that I am still receiving some junk mail asking me to contribute to many orgs. I did that previously however I made a promise to myself that no more. And so far I’ve kept this promise. what good is a promise if it isn’t kept. And nearly going into the third month of the new year I have kept it. This I made at the very start of the new year. One must start with yourself and then graduate to others.

Entry for February 24, 2008″ A Nice Weekend”

February 24, 2008

A nice weekend with the sun shining, it is a pleasant change. Another snowstorm is suppose to reach us by tomorrow with measurable ice and another four to eight inches of snow with the amounts tapering of on Tuesday. Have to remember that it is only February and winter is still upon us. I really don’t mind it, however I am intending to meet a friend downtown and therefore I am in a way hoping that it won’t be too bad so I can meet her for a hot beverage and spend a bit of time relaxing. I normally I go on the computer and view the different webstites that I like, but today it was quite a different story. I spent half my time trying to delete a website that was completely my fault in the very beginning. As I first was on the computer attempting to seek websites more and more popups would appear and in the course of events it became more and more irritating and the aggravation continued that I was verbalizing expletives in succession that I had to take a break several times. Then after a time away as the hours passed and the screen went black from non usage. I calmly tried to figure out the problem as I went to the documents and deleted the problem and thought it was okay but came to realise that it wasn’t; so I again calmly hit the problem website and deleted the aol toolbar and with that the problem bar was gone too. I still have the aol site for I view it now at the bottom of the screen next to the start button. How a small problem can be such an irritatant. I am glad that I kept persuing the problem and succeeding in the outcome. I really don’t use aol that much, although it is nice to have. It is somewhat ironic that these websites are separate and yet seem interlocked and are vising for attention.

Entry for February 21, 2008″ Ingredients”

February 21, 2008

A thought was in my mind in preparation of writing a piece, in the midst of breakfast today. As one is reading the ingredients on a jar, the same words may be related to the composition of a person. The ingredients which nourishes and vitalises for energy can be said of a human being. Then on the internet I looked for several items; one being Shapiro Deli and Cafeteria and Key West Shrimp House. I proceeded to write a review in the guessbook of K.W.S. H. and submitted it to them and it was posted on the site. Needless, to say I was pleasantly surprised. Years ago, I had the opportunity to visit that place and found it most appealing in the unique atmosphere and one of a kind dining experience. The food was tremendous and very appetising. Now for the second place, Shapiro Deli and Cafe. This place is very affordable and the food is superb with many varieties for a person’s palate. This sounds like a review of the two restaurants. This wasn’t my original intention. Because it is Lent, these are good places to have a good and worthy time and have nourishment at the same time. Finished my book called “The Good Rat by Jimmy Breslin. It again was wonderful. He has such a unique power of writing. I have all of his books and have some of his articles which he has written for Newsday. He has written for a long time for various newspapers. One could continuously read his pieces and never tire of it. As one could never tire of the two above mentioned restaurants.

Entry for February 20, 2008″ Postscripts”

February 20, 2008

With yet another foot of snow and ice to make it interesting and frigid temps last night one is thinking forward and very positively. As many people who are dissatified with the upper midwest weather, I for one seem to enjoy it. Nearly finishing my book by Jimmy Breslin called the ‘The Good Rat’ one must reflect on the blogs already composed and one would think of any postscripts one could add. There have been many blogs in the past and each one is unique in itself as to the context within them. One finds that the more one scripts; there is a need to do more of the same. It is ironic that one would think of postscipts which are added to the original piece, however when one is about to actually compose them one isn’t skillful enough to actually accomplish that feat. Went to the eye doctor on Monday and everything is very good. Went to the dentist on Tuesday and again everything is beneficial. That makes one feel worthwhile to have reports such as these. It certainly lifts one’s self esteem, after the diligence of one’s efforts. As one is writing this essay, it occurs to me that the afterthoughts or postscripts inwhich I would like to press upon is my ongoing endeavors 1] to contact and chat to my nieces who are in Dearborn, and Orlando and 2] to find another soulmate for me. Those two things are uppermost in my mind, and will be a lifelong effort. I am most confidant that I will be successful in that. My manner is to be positive and to acquaint and befriend myself with people who have the same direction.

Entry for February 15, 2008″Statistics”

February 15, 2008

When events occur in a certain county, state then nationally one will speak of statistics. One will also take statistics at the university in preparatory for law school. That course of study is difficult in itself. One would imagine it would involve analysis and combination of quality of data, matters of opinion and exact tabulations. May one touch briefly on the subject of politics and the impending elections.There is always a tab. of certain this and that voting this and that way and why that is so. Now at the topic at hand. When a certain tragedy happens in this country or in the world, regardless of the Mid-East; Far East, Africa, Oceania, Central and South America and the islands in between; people put an emphasis on statistics,as to how many rather to the feeling of the moment. It of course is done in a natural way without malice of forethought. Let us investigate as to the reason why. Is it a fact or fallacy that will put more accentuation on the topic? Will more people think of it in a way as to not forget it as readily? If it occurs repeatedly will people become oblivious to it? And so what is the use of statistics anyway? When speaking of human tragedy, one should ponder the reasons as to why it happened in the first place? Is it a freak of nature? One would think not. Would it tend to be prevalent moreso in one place than the other? One would surmise that as long as events occur that one will have to deal with this topic. There is no way of gettting away from it.Isn’t rather callous? Look at the positive side if one may find it.

Entry for February 12, 2008″Trends”

February 12, 2008

Trends will always be around, whether is this nation or around the world. It somewhat seems a fact that the fashion trend starts in Paris and spreads through out Europe and on forward to the rest of the globe. It usually changes each year with few variations. And of course one has to deal with the various colors, the fabrics etc. Then when one wants to take time out to relax and go shopping for something for themselves or a gift for others; they are inendated with the same color or fabric. When one goes out they will invarably find the color black in various styles and shades. One will find black this and black that. First of all, one may think the color black is depressing. I agree if it is the only color displayed. Now if it is trimmed with another color it isn’t, b/c it accents it, however just by itself it becomes nerve-racking to the buyer of the product. Trends may also be in the form of expressions. And all one hears time and again is the same word or expression over and over again. That becomes quite aggravating. I think that what I am attemping to drive home is the fact that one should be an individual and not go with the trend and therefore be a leader for people to follow if they are so incline to do that. Trends are negative in the way that the population is forced to purchased items b/c that is all there is at the various shops and places of business. And of course if one should want to go along with the trends; for the fear that they will be an outcast b/c they don’t go along with the national mainstream. I disagree with that. For one must decide for themselves and in the long run that person will benefit from that and become a better person overall.

Entry for February 09, 2008″ Music”

February 9, 2008

Music is very good. It can put you into a mood or take you out of a mood. Once a type of music goes commercialized then one should not pay any attention to it. Fortunately that is not one’s venue. One should like the music on an individual basis, and not b/c it is in the main stream. There are so many music artists that go commercial for mainly the money it pays. One should think that the artists are not only for the almighty dollar either; that their quality is not up to par, and perhaps that is the only way their product can be sold in which they themselves may have recognition. Several years ago there was a matter called paiolle. The dj who would spin certain music to get payment in return. It was very wide spread in the fiftys and sixtys it continued til the early seventys before the Congress and the Justice Dept got involved and ceased it altogether. And by doing so, putting heavy fines on the perpetators, one would surmise. One would ponder as to why these djs would subject themselves to utter mockery to put themselves into that situation. Perhaps on does it b/c of low self-esteem,ignorance, or seeing if they may get away with something that is not on the up and up. A memorable melody and lyrics doesn’t have resort to that ploy. It does well on its own. However one must know that if one resorts to dishonesty and money they will have their comupence soon enough as a result of such shananigans.

Entry for February 07, 2008″Syndicate And Syndication”

February 7, 2008

The sun is brightly shining which makes life a bit easier as one digs out of the massive snow storm with blizzard conditions of yesterday. As one is shoveling the snow one could see the mere designs in the snow,the height of it,and on the windows of the house. How much beauty is there. In newspapers there is the syndicate which is an association united to engage in an enterprise or project or business. The dictionary defines that word in those terms which to the average person is somewhat ambiguous. So one will make the effort to clarify. A syndicate has an editor who is in charge of the whole operation. It is the business angle. When a national newspaper such as the NYT,the Washington Post, the Los Angelos Times,Newsday; wants to sell their readership to more of the nation they will sell the product to a syndicate for an x amount. This will be done to each newspaper. Now lets chat of syndication. When a tv program such as a comedy is finished broadcasting on the national networks. The network will sell the program to the affiliates for an x amount. That particular program will go into syndication. And this program could be shown years later after it goes off the air or discontinued by the national networks. It could be shown in syndication for nearly ten years or more. This is also done with books but moreso with reading material in national newspapers and what one hears on the broadcasts. It is surely an interesting phenomenon to contemplate.