Entry for February 02, 2008″ Another Snowy Day”

With the snow continuing to fall and who know this time how many inches have fallen from the sky. One may get the impression that I am tired of the winter. That statement is further from the truth. I enjoy winter and all that offers. I have been very involved moreso today on the computer. I really didn’t intend to write today, but after having some nourishment at midday I decided otherwise. I am now reading “Shultz” and Peanuts by David Michaelis. One finds this book to be interesting,informative and entertaining. Although Jimmy Breslin’s book ” The Good Rat” comes out this Tuesday. I will get that one of course, however will continue to read the Shultz book until the finale b/c I don’t like starting something and jumping from one thing to another. One would find that most unorganizing and annoying to say the least. I been wrapped up on the computer trying to find my niece Christal. Today I’ve been reading her blogs trying to find more about her and thinking of more ideas of how to contact her. My determination is endless. I emailed a npr in Dearborn and wrote my piece on the subject, as now I am waiting for a response. I thought that being today is Saturday that maybe they will wait to post an answer by Monday. Yesterday at the mall I again purchase another pair of earrings which were my birthstone. I had invariably dropped one in my bedroom and couldn’t find it and put the other in my jewelry box in hopes that I would find the matching pair. To this day I haven’t. Couldn’t bear to not wear them, so I purchase a new pair. Now I will see if some other earrings may go into my ears. Like to wear 2 sets of earrings when I am so inclined. Again speaking of my niece, Christal. She has a website/blog too. It would be good if someone one is reading this ( I have made mine public) could interchange hers and mine so I could at last speak with her. Wait a minute; is one dreaming.

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