Entry for February 04, 2008″Names and Numbers”

As the sleet falls and the grey sky looms above, one is ever cheerful. The amounts of snow is ever coming, which is a beautiful sight to behold, as yesterday I was shoveling it,which I will not mind at all. It wasn’t cold and yet there I was getting needed exercise. In one’s life I tend to ponder certain names and certain numbers. It seems to ring true. For instant, one would be new in a place and I would be looking through a phone book to see the list of doctors. One would be thumbing through the names and then for how a name sounds I would pick it out and it would always work out. This is done without any research. I just have a knack for it. One may invariably recall the numbers of places in which I lived. For instant, 914 Glazewood ave in Takoma Pk, Md. My aunt and uncle and cousins used to live at 7202 Denton Rd in Bethesda, Md. One address I lived is 6771 Queens Blvd in Forest Hills,NY. And when I lived in Langley Pk Md it was 8202 Old Riggs Rd. I guess my recollection is good in the fact that those were places that made an impression on one’s memory. I could rattle off other places of addresses of which I lived with no doubt of being inaccurate. Now if someone else recommends a name to me for any reason, it would not pand out, but if I would choose a name I would keep it for a period of time. And for some reason one would have the tendency to cling to certain letters and numbers. I am still reading a book Shultz Peanuts. And in it mentions alphanumerics,which combines the letters and numbers obviously.It is used to grade papers in art schools. Having this knack is very good in numerous ways.

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