Entry for February 06, 2008 “Subsidiaries And Affiliates”

As blizzard conditions and a nearly a foot or more snow is outside; the wonderment and sheer beauty of it all. Let us draw our attention to the above title as it is known across this nation. Each affiliate whether it being the broadcast industry meaning radio or tv has its own set of programing, speaking locally. These affiliates control the programing and may choose the type regardless of the view’s discretion. A single of group of affiliates are owned by a single or group of subsidiaries. Example being, ABC which I watch b/c of their professionalism. This broadcasting station has the subsidiary and owned by Disney. One prefers this one for the type of news reporting. Another example is NBC, which has a different type of news reporting and is has the subsidiary and owned by general electric which allegedly funds to Iraq, and if that place would likely be others. Yet another is CBS which has yet another type of reporting and the subsidiary which I don’t recall. Must find that out for my own edification. Each broadcasting has its own genre and own slant on the news. Which is very good for the variation. This genre and slant is used politically as well. One must add that for every national commercial that is viewed there is double locally. Example, one national commercial there are two locally. Last night I saw the results of the elections and intented to see it in its entirety however the affiliate went back to local programing. Then one thought that it would be good to see the overnite news but then saw it this morning, after much needed rest. Needless to say one is disappointed in the outcome for one enjoyed it in years past with the enthusiasm. One enjoys the national programs over the local ones.

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