Entry for February 07, 2008″Syndicate And Syndication”

The sun is brightly shining which makes life a bit easier as one digs out of the massive snow storm with blizzard conditions of yesterday. As one is shoveling the snow one could see the mere designs in the snow,the height of it,and on the windows of the house. How much beauty is there. In newspapers there is the syndicate which is an association united to engage in an enterprise or project or business. The dictionary defines that word in those terms which to the average person is somewhat ambiguous. So one will make the effort to clarify. A syndicate has an editor who is in charge of the whole operation. It is the business angle. When a national newspaper such as the NYT,the Washington Post, the Los Angelos Times,Newsday; wants to sell their readership to more of the nation they will sell the product to a syndicate for an x amount. This will be done to each newspaper. Now lets chat of syndication. When a tv program such as a comedy is finished broadcasting on the national networks. The network will sell the program to the affiliates for an x amount. That particular program will go into syndication. And this program could be shown years later after it goes off the air or discontinued by the national networks. It could be shown in syndication for nearly ten years or more. This is also done with books but moreso with reading material in national newspapers and what one hears on the broadcasts. It is surely an interesting phenomenon to contemplate.

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