Entry for February 09, 2008″ Music”

Music is very good. It can put you into a mood or take you out of a mood. Once a type of music goes commercialized then one should not pay any attention to it. Fortunately that is not one’s venue. One should like the music on an individual basis, and not b/c it is in the main stream. There are so many music artists that go commercial for mainly the money it pays. One should think that the artists are not only for the almighty dollar either; that their quality is not up to par, and perhaps that is the only way their product can be sold in which they themselves may have recognition. Several years ago there was a matter called paiolle. The dj who would spin certain music to get payment in return. It was very wide spread in the fiftys and sixtys it continued til the early seventys before the Congress and the Justice Dept got involved and ceased it altogether. And by doing so, putting heavy fines on the perpetators, one would surmise. One would ponder as to why these djs would subject themselves to utter mockery to put themselves into that situation. Perhaps on does it b/c of low self-esteem,ignorance, or seeing if they may get away with something that is not on the up and up. A memorable melody and lyrics doesn’t have resort to that ploy. It does well on its own. However one must know that if one resorts to dishonesty and money they will have their comupence soon enough as a result of such shananigans.

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