Entry for February 12, 2008″Trends”

Trends will always be around, whether is this nation or around the world. It somewhat seems a fact that the fashion trend starts in Paris and spreads through out Europe and on forward to the rest of the globe. It usually changes each year with few variations. And of course one has to deal with the various colors, the fabrics etc. Then when one wants to take time out to relax and go shopping for something for themselves or a gift for others; they are inendated with the same color or fabric. When one goes out they will invarably find the color black in various styles and shades. One will find black this and black that. First of all, one may think the color black is depressing. I agree if it is the only color displayed. Now if it is trimmed with another color it isn’t, b/c it accents it, however just by itself it becomes nerve-racking to the buyer of the product. Trends may also be in the form of expressions. And all one hears time and again is the same word or expression over and over again. That becomes quite aggravating. I think that what I am attemping to drive home is the fact that one should be an individual and not go with the trend and therefore be a leader for people to follow if they are so incline to do that. Trends are negative in the way that the population is forced to purchased items b/c that is all there is at the various shops and places of business. And of course if one should want to go along with the trends; for the fear that they will be an outcast b/c they don’t go along with the national mainstream. I disagree with that. For one must decide for themselves and in the long run that person will benefit from that and become a better person overall.

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