Entry for February 15, 2008″Statistics”

When events occur in a certain county, state then nationally one will speak of statistics. One will also take statistics at the university in preparatory for law school. That course of study is difficult in itself. One would imagine it would involve analysis and combination of quality of data, matters of opinion and exact tabulations. May one touch briefly on the subject of politics and the impending elections.There is always a tab. of certain this and that voting this and that way and why that is so. Now at the topic at hand. When a certain tragedy happens in this country or in the world, regardless of the Mid-East; Far East, Africa, Oceania, Central and South America and the islands in between; people put an emphasis on statistics,as to how many rather to the feeling of the moment. It of course is done in a natural way without malice of forethought. Let us investigate as to the reason why. Is it a fact or fallacy that will put more accentuation on the topic? Will more people think of it in a way as to not forget it as readily? If it occurs repeatedly will people become oblivious to it? And so what is the use of statistics anyway? When speaking of human tragedy, one should ponder the reasons as to why it happened in the first place? Is it a freak of nature? One would think not. Would it tend to be prevalent moreso in one place than the other? One would surmise that as long as events occur that one will have to deal with this topic. There is no way of gettting away from it.Isn’t rather callous? Look at the positive side if one may find it.

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