Entry for February 20, 2008″ Postscripts”

With yet another foot of snow and ice to make it interesting and frigid temps last night one is thinking forward and very positively. As many people who are dissatified with the upper midwest weather, I for one seem to enjoy it. Nearly finishing my book by Jimmy Breslin called the ‘The Good Rat’ one must reflect on the blogs already composed and one would think of any postscripts one could add. There have been many blogs in the past and each one is unique in itself as to the context within them. One finds that the more one scripts; there is a need to do more of the same. It is ironic that one would think of postscipts which are added to the original piece, however when one is about to actually compose them one isn’t skillful enough to actually accomplish that feat. Went to the eye doctor on Monday and everything is very good. Went to the dentist on Tuesday and again everything is beneficial. That makes one feel worthwhile to have reports such as these. It certainly lifts one’s self esteem, after the diligence of one’s efforts. As one is writing this essay, it occurs to me that the afterthoughts or postscripts inwhich I would like to press upon is my ongoing endeavors 1] to contact and chat to my nieces who are in Dearborn, and Orlando and 2] to find another soulmate for me. Those two things are uppermost in my mind, and will be a lifelong effort. I am most confidant that I will be successful in that. My manner is to be positive and to acquaint and befriend myself with people who have the same direction.

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