Entry for February 21, 2008″ Ingredients”

A thought was in my mind in preparation of writing a piece, in the midst of breakfast today. As one is reading the ingredients on a jar, the same words may be related to the composition of a person. The ingredients which nourishes and vitalises for energy can be said of a human being. Then on the internet I looked for several items; one being Shapiro Deli and Cafeteria and Key West Shrimp House. I proceeded to write a review in the guessbook of K.W.S. H. and submitted it to them and it was posted on the site. Needless, to say I was pleasantly surprised. Years ago, I had the opportunity to visit that place and found it most appealing in the unique atmosphere and one of a kind dining experience. The food was tremendous and very appetising. Now for the second place, Shapiro Deli and Cafe. This place is very affordable and the food is superb with many varieties for a person’s palate. This sounds like a review of the two restaurants. This wasn’t my original intention. Because it is Lent, these are good places to have a good and worthy time and have nourishment at the same time. Finished my book called “The Good Rat by Jimmy Breslin. It again was wonderful. He has such a unique power of writing. I have all of his books and have some of his articles which he has written for Newsday. He has written for a long time for various newspapers. One could continuously read his pieces and never tire of it. As one could never tire of the two above mentioned restaurants.

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