Entry for February 24, 2008″ A Nice Weekend”

A nice weekend with the sun shining, it is a pleasant change. Another snowstorm is suppose to reach us by tomorrow with measurable ice and another four to eight inches of snow with the amounts tapering of on Tuesday. Have to remember that it is only February and winter is still upon us. I really don’t mind it, however I am intending to meet a friend downtown and therefore I am in a way hoping that it won’t be too bad so I can meet her for a hot beverage and spend a bit of time relaxing. I normally I go on the computer and view the different webstites that I like, but today it was quite a different story. I spent half my time trying to delete a website that was completely my fault in the very beginning. As I first was on the computer attempting to seek websites more and more popups would appear and in the course of events it became more and more irritating and the aggravation continued that I was verbalizing expletives in succession that I had to take a break several times. Then after a time away as the hours passed and the screen went black from non usage. I calmly tried to figure out the problem as I went to the documents and deleted the problem and thought it was okay but came to realise that it wasn’t; so I again calmly hit the problem website and deleted the aol toolbar and with that the problem bar was gone too. I still have the aol site for I view it now at the bottom of the screen next to the start button. How a small problem can be such an irritatant. I am glad that I kept persuing the problem and succeeding in the outcome. I really don’t use aol that much, although it is nice to have. It is somewhat ironic that these websites are separate and yet seem interlocked and are vising for attention.

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