Entry for February 26, 2008 “Another Pleasant Day”

With another snow storm upon us, the thought originally to have more of an accumulation of falling snow; and this time we were fortunate, the little but a trace occurred. As much as one is fond of the flaky substance, I had a appointment with a friend downtown. And we went there and met at a certain destination and went to Subway next door and had a most pleasant and relaxing conversation about the world as we know it. We touched on and explored in depth subjects in which we held interest. It was really a sociable experience and I felt content in doing that. She spoke about herself as I did. We have a lot in common and were more knowledgeable as a result of the meeting. To my surprise we were agreeable on the many topics in a very short period of time. We said we will plan to meet again in a month as she is a grad student and her time is restricted although I really liked the time we had and I so appreciate the time allowed. Then after that I took a cab home and have the rest of the time to myself. Just a few minutes ago I went to get the mail and saw again that I am still receiving some junk mail asking me to contribute to many orgs. I did that previously however I made a promise to myself that no more. And so far I’ve kept this promise. what good is a promise if it isn’t kept. And nearly going into the third month of the new year I have kept it. This I made at the very start of the new year. One must start with yourself and then graduate to others.

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