Entry for February 28, 2008″Drugs” Part 1

There are a myriad of legal and illegal drugs in this country.Most are undetected and ignored by the general population.The authorities are most interested in the illegal than the legal. It would seem that only when a crime is in process, then and only then are the authorities drawn to the attention of the population. There is the drug caffeine which is enjoyed and consumed by the general public. If not in hot as well as cold beverages with various flavors; it is found in edible products like chocolates. So there hasn’t been a time in one’s life that they haven’t partaken is this indulgence. One can not find a product on the market without finding some particle in it. So it is vital in use in daily life. As one may surmise at this point I am now focusing on the legal ones for now, for it is known that the most attention goes to the illegal ones. One may think that this is a drug oriented society which in some way that is correct. Does other countries have this in their society? One would definitely think that would be the case. In some countries it is much more prevalent than in this one. Yet one lives in this country and so one focuses on the habitation.There are federal agencies which is their job to regulate this topic, and for what reason one would think positively or negatively on their performance. It is important to note that other countries don’t have that luxury. I could very well be incorrect on that point. Other countries may have a similar agency, still one hasn’t heard of it. So whatever the review one may have, one must have gratitude that it is a matter of fact.

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