Entry for February 29, 2008″Drugs”

On a cold winter evening there is nothing better than to brew some hot chocolate and have some popcorn and to sit down to watch one’s favourite movie on dvd in the comfort of the home. It is a good idea to go out occasionally and celebrate and have some alcohol. It comes in many varieties also from many countries. And with the alcohol content stronger in some cases. On the ads on several commercials and on the actual bottle it quotes to drink with responsibility. That is good to caution the general public of this. Although how many heed the notice and how many ignore it? I would think it is of equal value. When unexpected things happen it is somewhat on the shoulders of the product and nearly never sometimes on the user. To adhear to the message written thoughtfully on each bottle.1) one must not drink on an empty stomach. 2) one must not binge drink 3) one must eat while drinking4) one must control the drinking in the process. If for instant, a person isn’t use to drinking; meaning hasn’t had alcohol in a while, the person should watch closely what they drink as to the contents. There is nothing wrong in drinking per se. It is a good idea to have the drinks that the person have had previously and not follow the crowd b/c the other one are drinking something different than you have had. Let the general public follow you. One would be generally surprise at the outcome.

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