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Entry for March 27, 2008 “Necessity”

March 27, 2008

One scripted yesterday the topic of more snow, and now it will be nonesistant, only an inch or less. This is very fortunate. Now grey skies appear at the moment. One is nearly finished with the book, Atonement. It is very well written and naturally keeps one’s interest. The day before yesterday, had a dental appt. which was a necessity. In the prelim the dentist instructed what actually was going to occur, the espenditure, as well as the longevity. Originally it was going to entail 2 visits and surprisingly it was accomplished in only 1 visit, which took nearly an hour in a half. One really didn’t care; one only wanted to proceedure to be done and to be successful in the process. It was most uncomfortable from beginning to the end; this was taken in the fact that the dentist is professional, caring, gentle and all of the above in doing an escellent job. So there was not much room for chatting as the dentist had to be in full control and his diligence would have suddenly diminished. Then all of a sudden a tooth appeared in my throat and with one’s very quick reaction, one says ‘ here it is’ and the dentist and assistant was relieved as one would think as they are both coming out of a panic mode. The noise of the instrument being used was very noticable and even with the dentist speaking, it didn’t aid me. So along with his speaking, as one is in humming in their mind the music from the movie ‘ Once’ and also ‘ The Swell Season’ and so one could endure it. One is content not to look forward to a second visit, only in four months for a routine. However one is content to have continued good health as of this result.

Entry for March 26, 2008″ Another Sunny Day”

March 26, 2008

While the sun is shining and it is relatively mild today, tomorrow will be different weatherwise. There is yet another winter storm scheduled with 4 to 8 inches of snow and no doubt a combination of rain turning to ice. It is nearing April and afterall it is spring. Want to shed my long sleeved winter tops and my winter coat. Enough already. There are the remmants of snow still lingering on the ground yet the sidewalks and driveways are cleared. One thinks of taking frequent walks and enjoying the outdoors in the place of shoveling snow yet again. One is fatigued of the process. Now as the months progress this could happen less often. One is not complaining just stating a fact. The reality is that snow will occur well into May. All one has solace that this occurrence will be less often, and take comfort that it isn’t year long. This wouldn’t be a topic of conversation, if being such an unusual winter having 100 inches plus and now counting yet again. A lifelong resident is nearly at their wit’s end and when chatting with them, the general attitude is that their complaint is ongoing. To one who has been here for nearly 2 years it is somewhat redundant to say the least. One also has in mind traveling and taking a breather from daily activities and spending some fun time as well as quality time with family and friends. It is good to relax then go back to the mundane. Who in the would can achieve these diversions or yet plan for them knowing full well that there will be harsh weather on the way? Should one plan these inbetween only when it is condusive? Tell me that one isn’t vexing. For the weather shouldn’t be an issue. However it can be a deterent. It is good to work hard and play hard.

Entry for March 22, 2008 “Staying Connected”

March 22, 2008

Staying connected with humanity becomes a lifeblood of one’s life. In order to attain this one must have security in one’s own life, to be content to reach out to others. It is an asset to have. Since coming to Wisconsin, one has been in contact with family members moreso than at any other time in one’s life. It is a content feeling, as one strives and others respond. Got an email from with a link saying that my niece, who lives in Orlando has a message for me. And of course it was Liz as I had emailed her previously. I am overjoyed to have heard from her. With yet another winter/spring storm that fell the other day with at least 5 to 8 inches of snow; one has taken a few minutes to shovel and at the same time enjoy the warm sunshine, with the temps in the 20’s and 30’s. As I am composing this, another niece Heather is celebrating her birthday with a visit/vacation to see my sister Anne. I have been spending time reading the same book and enjoying it. It is ironic that Ash Wednesday the start of Lent; church services were cancelled b/c of a massive storm and Good Friday the end of Lent there was the same occurrence. Is that an omen? Fortunately, now on Holy Saturday the snow is melting fast. And will bring forth from this day forward little or no snow. Afterall tomorrow is Easter Sunday; a time for happiness for all. This is a noted fact, my 100th entry and counting.

Entry for March 20, 2008″ Creativity” Part 2

March 20, 2008

With the depth of sadness come legends of comedy. These comedic satires are genuine for the meriad of stories are told firsthand. These legends are just a few they are instructors to the beginner. These beginners of comedy are apt to study and learn their trade by watching films of these legends. One is Charlie Chaplin who is best known in the silent films. Speak of creativity there is great deal of difficulty in one’s way of espression without being at all verbal. It is an authentic way of animation. Another legend who comes to mind and along the same line is Marcel Marceau. His creativity in the art of mime is simply brillant. There was very little known of his personal life; and yet his charactures are spell-binding. He was noted as a character actor, as he was more known in Europe, he does have schools scattered in USA, maybe at the least 3 or more. Another legend is Jackie Gleason. In his various routines he portrayed the Poor Soul, Mr Dunahny, as well as several more. The art structure which was designed in the Honeymooners was in reality the apt Gleason had as a boy in Brooklyn. The sitcom the Kind of Queens is somewhat on the same tract as far as the actors lines are as to the Honeymooners. Gleason who was created, produced, directed and starred in the movie Gigot; wrote the music to it.In the world of comedy as one views it now there is absolutely not a realm of comparison.

Entry for March 19, 2008″ Creativity” Part 1

March 19, 2008

Creativity comes in many forms. It is done in the natural talents of drawing or sketching, painting on oil or base canvas, writing books, plays; for the media such as Broadway, the cinema or the tele documentary. All of these are painstaking yet very worthwhile in their conclusion. And the art of conversation could be as well added to the list. This may well be achieved by the mere choice of words in one’s audible tone, their accent and their mannerisms as well as the visible espressions on one’s face. Yesterday in the midst of celebrating my friend’s birthday; it actually felt like my own. In the fact that while we visited downtown restaurant, I ordered a bac and coke{diet}. It was the first time and I actually liked it a lot and will now add it to my list of alcohol beverages in the future when the mood strikes me. We then took a drive out in the country. I for one perfer the city to the country; meanwhile the beauty was breathtaking, with many hills, curving roads, deep crevasses and ravines, with a few houses dotted here and there. Then to my utter amasement, to the wonderment I saw 3 deer prancing along the land without a care in the world. What a glorious sight. I myself have been waiting to see a deer for a very long time. And for one’s patience one is rewarded to view 3 of them. Nature too is the ultimate in creativity. We also viewed the road on the right side as it was in different variation of rocks. Then we went to The Great Dane, which comes to mind the creativity of cooking, preparing, arranging on one’s plate for them to savor and have a memorable esperience.

Entry for March 16, 2008 ” Finally”

March 16, 2008

As one makes goals in one’s life it is often good to try one’s utmost to follow through with those espections. For myself I have achieved one of them. In this accomplishment it definitely wasn’t luck. B/c luck is a residue of design. This took sheer determination and persistence. And one might add that it wasn’t a miracle; in which some refer to when seeking something that is difficult of attain. I was finally able to contact my niece, Christal. Now I am waiting for her to respond to a couple of emails in which I’ve sent recently. Speaking of contacting people, sometimes handwritten letters posted to them is the only way of communication. As some of my friends don’t have computers or email addresses. This is beyond comprehension is this modern tech. age, yet that is the way it is. So I handwrote a somewhat lengthy letter to my friend, Shon Hayes who has a post office box address in Clarkston Ga. Right after I arrived here is Wi. after getting organised, I wrote to her. Hadn’t heard from her though the good thing is that the letter that I posted wasn’t return to me. So again going on that premise I rewrote her recently. Another friend, Patti McDonald who is in the same boat, yet I had recently heard from her at Christmas I took the window of opportunity and wrote her another handwritten lengthy letter. One really doesn’t mind in the least, when it comes to having friends. For it is most vital to one’s self worth. It is moreso to one’s character to have lifelong friends.

Entry for March 15, 2008″Spring Is Coming”

March 15, 2008

With the snow diminishing as the weather becomes warmer it is a pleasant change. The sidewalks are actually dried for the sun’s rays. Chronologically in a few days the season of spring will come forth and yet there is still snow on the ground. Went shopping yesterday and purchased some picture frames among other items. After purchasing and transporting them, I proceeded to put them on the wall while arranging them with the others. One hopes now that one or more of them doesn’t tumble to the floor. This has occurred one or more times in the past to one’s discontent. Last Tuesday went to Borders to see what was new and ended up purchasing the book Atonement by Ian McEwan. Am in the midst of reading it now and find it intriguing and however to the topic being fiction interesting in the same vain. While at Borders noticed a poster of the performers who were in the movie Once and The Swell Season. They are coming to the Overture Centre on June 16th. Tickets had gone on sale on March the first. I phoned the Centre on State St, as to the particularity and was told that the tickets were all $35 and that were sold in an hour in a half on the same day. One just has to dwell on the positive while being disappointed at the same time. The Swell Season is coming out next month on dvd so that is my window of opportunity. Went to the dentist and made two upcoming appts. One prefers the season of spring for the many birthdays.

Entry for March 12, 2008 “The Very First” Part 2

March 12, 2008

How is it that there are reservations in which there american indians are forced to live? And be caged up where only their own kind seem to have access to the land. This is definitely propitious and a dastardly action toward these Native Americans. If one would happen to have the opportunity to visit one or more of the reservations scattered in myriad of states; one would be educated as well as very sad and somewhat dismayed in the fact that this is a reality. Yet no attention thusfar has been known that it is grossly unjust of the richest and most powerful nation on earth to treat these Native American in such a heinous way. Is it a wonder that the suicide rate is high, the alcohol rate is also high and the unemployment is the same? For what kind of decent future do these Native Americans have to live a good life? In fact Canada treats their Canadian Indians in a more humane matter than does the US. The US should reflect and take a page out of Canada’s book; to quote a piece. Perhaps there is not enough Native Americans in which to care. The debate is that if there is only one person who is treated in such a matter there should be enough time to give attention to it. And perhaps too, there aren’t enough other American to rally in favor to aid these Native Americans. The Dept of Tourism isn’t rushing to invite others to take part in the numerous activities and pouring funds into these states to aid the Native Americans to upgrade their life and make it a bit better than presently.If anything the US is ignoring or worse the country uses exploitation. Why in the world are these Native American segregated from the rest of the populace and put on these lands in which the US owns? Is that a form of being held against one’s will? Is it a just act b/c the government has a hand in it? Afterall, one may differ with these views, however one must realise that only in the US the citizens have right of espression. So why isn’t that true when it comes to the Native Americans? And what is the function of the Dept of Indian Affairs?

Entry for March 11, 2008 “The Very First” Part 1

March 11, 2008

Long before America was discouvered many centuries ago in 1620 by Christopher Columbus; there is real debate over who in fact it was, the very first people were the native indians. There is to this very day little known about the cultures and their general way of life. One would think that there is much more emphasis on the immigrants who came from other countries and continue to come to seek a better way of life. As that is what is told to them by their ancestors.And yet one has the notion that is in american history books and is in the national media as well as shown in the cinema for ages that the native indians are less than human, are in fact savages, are ignored by the most part by their fellow compatriots. This is a very sad state of affairs. These native indians can’t vote for any county, state, national or federal level or hold office of any kind. Only recently there have been attempts to do that, however little or no attention has come from it. There has been a governor who was just elected in Louisana, yet he is an Indian from the country India. That is for debate too b/c little media attention is shown to him. One thinks that there is a representative from some unknown state that has been elected recently and again there is little attention drawn to him by the media or for that fact in the newspapers. One would have to delved in much research to find some info about this person. Is this so b/c one doesn’t draw attention to themselves, is that the only way to get noticed? Over the years these native indians have intermarried and generations upon generations have evolved and therefore these future generations have been one quarter,one fifth or one third indian and then they would become more accepted by their fellow countrymen. The reason for non- voting is that these native indians hold allegiance to a tribe leader and that is the reason that the US government gives. That is in deed a fallacy and very inane. Does one have to be a portion to become full and therefore be accepted by their own government?

Entry for March 09, 2008″Imaginations and Premonitions”

March 9, 2008

When one is a very small, their imaginations run the gambit. This occurs only sometimes and not in all children. The child in some cases doesn’t have siblings or is the only gender in the family. One doesn’t correlate necessarily between imaginations and premonitions. In some instances it is good to have these. When speaking with a close friend, in a deep conversation and planning what will be done for activities in the future, and then the time comes when they are finally together and it is done verbatim as spoken. Are those premonitions in a way? If the close friend says to me “we will do this or that” and this will happen at a future date; then I think I have answer my own question. Along the same lines, if an event one wants to happen then one will think in the opposite way; knowing full well that if one thinks in that way that the event that one wants to actually occur will in fact happen. Is one testing fate? I would think they are in some cases. However, I think that it is good to think in that vain. This way of thinking is very positive. And not in the fact that when some tragedy happens and is unsolvable by authorities; that these particular officials will use some soothsayer in the attempt to solve the crime. Is the soothsayer in cahoots with the officials? These individuals are not in any shape or form for that is a fallacy and this practice should be outlawed.These officials are only in desperation, and that is their only reason. In these professions these people are just touching and not breaking the law. With imaginations come creativity and a chance for someone who can pursue a lifelong dream.