Entry for March 01, 2008 ” Drugs” Part 3

As one is now drinking the morning coffee, it is good to reflect that yesterday was leap day which comes every four years. So if one has a birthday which falls on leap day; how does that work? Does that person count by four or take away four years? It would really be difficult to judge that person’s age chronologically. Had the opportunity yesterday evening to go to “Brocach” an Irish restaurant and put what I had scripted into practice and it turned out just exactly how I had written the piece. Had a Killians with an appetizer[ a salad} and dinner (haddock) as the main course with irish potatoes and a vegetable. My point in relaying what a person eats in regard to alcohol is important. When one wants to stay at home and order out and goes to a neighborhood place to purchase alcohol; and the person is underage, is it the seller’s fault who after inquiring and receiving the person’s id; should the seller be held responsible for the buyer’s supidity? Time and time again it seems that the seller is held at fault, and all he or she is doing is abiding within the law. Convenient stores and such places as those, it would be problematic that those don’t have a license to sell. With saying that, I wanted to try a bac and diet coke last evening. But knew that I could not take it to go. So I thought I would get it some other time. Knowing that there will be more times to do just that. After I had posted my piece on yesterdays blog, I noticed that I didn’t put part two next to the continuing subject. Could one strike the notion that it was leap day? Just a comment.

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