Entry for March 02, 2008 ” Drugs” Part 4

As an afterthought,while visiting the Irish restaurant the other evening, it occurs to one when viewing the menu for irish coffee that it has whiskey in it. So I ordered it without the alcohol. When one goes to a coffee shop and orders irish coffee, does the establishment put a substitute in the drink b/c the lack of a liquor license? I will make it a point to ask the next time I visit a coffee shop. Now let’s focus on another type. It is more prevalent in hospitals and originate there. It is prescription drugs. These are mainly to suspend pain. There are degrees of pain. So one mustn’t ask the nurse for it just b/c the patient is feeling slightly uncomfortable. In most cases it is the doctor that is prescribing the medications and the nurse is just carrying out the proceedures and is interceding between the doctor and patient. Then, when the patient at last recovers; they unfortunately become addicted to one or more of those prescription drugs. And this can be a lifelong struggle. To combat this dilemna the patient should refuse any of these drugs, despite the dispute of the nurse. Some nurses can be very demanding and argumentative to get their way; especially when dealing with female patients. Sometimes these nurses are more lenient moreso when dealing with male patients. In many cases one will find that the nurses themselves may become addicted to these drugs for the mere access to them on a daily basis. And yet in some cases one will find that even the doctors become addicted to these drugs. This occurs b/c of the constant work schedules of both the nurses and doctors. Does that condone these professionals? Not in the least. For what reason would a person seek these professionals and entrust their lives to them? These professionals who engage in these practices are not better than the ordinary.

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