Entry for March 03, 2008″ Drugs” Part 5

Another winter storm arrived last night and into the morning hours, so after breakfast one takes the opportunity and shovel added snow along with the thick ice which had accumulated underneath. It was needed exercise and really didn’t mind at all. In this particular segment dealing with the same subject; one focuses on the over the counter drugs which are accessible at the all stores. There is a high demand for these types. It seems that the populace can’t function in their daily lives without these non-prescription drugs. And the ads in the media give little or no aid in combatting this predicament. These people who partake in this are called pillpoppers. When they are unable to sleep they will take a pill and to wake up they will swallow another pill. In doing this they fail to realise it may aid and become problematic for them, as they think it will solve that yet will cause another and it will evolve into a downward spiral. So why start this process in the first place? There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t dealt with sleepless night. So the intelligent act to do is to rise up and watch a little overnight news; to phone friends who one knows that they are coming home from a night job and what to have a pleasant conversation; read a few chapters in one’s favourite book; listen to some music with the volumn at a lower level; one would think of the new day and the activities. These are all positive ways to reach a solution. A reminder quotes “It is not part of the problem, it is part of a solution.

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