Entry for March 04, 2008 “Drugs” Part 6

With the sun shining this morning and for the whole day one tried to get the ice from the driveway yet it hadn’t melted overnight for the temps were still cold so maybe as the day goes on and midday comes that it will be better; for one’s hears that the midday sun is the hottest of the whole day. My focus will be a different chapter of the same topic. That being, huffing which is breathing in aerosol cans and getting an instant high. This practice was done in the 80’s and 90’s. These cans were found in the household under in sink in the kitchen; in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom; on the shelves in the garage. Anything that is used primarily for cleaning or adding to one’s appearance. This method was done by children who were unsupervised by parents and guardians. The ages were 12 to 17 ; and done as young as 5 taught by their older siblings and sometimes had dire consequences. These individuals succumbed at an early age as a result of a senseless act. Then as the world got more environmental and that habit ended. The aerosol cans in deodorant and others found to be harmful to the ozone in the atmosphere. Unfortunately it was too late for those persons. Maybe it was boredom, ignorance, inane behavior which makes a person conduct in such a way. One recalls a quote. For every action, there is a reaction.

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