Entry for March 05, 2008″ The Environment” Part 1

Now in the 21st century there is a great deal of concern about the environment. The populace is finally taking notice that the earth in which we inhabit is in dire need for repair. The air in which one breathes is polluted for a number of reasons. It is worse in some cities and better in some cities however the problem remains. The reasons are as follows; from the type of protrol that is used in vehicles; buses, autos, cabs, as well as trains. There is now a debate as to which protrol is used to operate these modes of transportation in a sufficent matter and won’t be harmful to the atmosphere. One does notice the smoke coming from the various factories, power plants, hospitals across the nation. If undetected it could have a ripple effect. From the atmosphere, the stratosphere and on to the ozone layer of the earth itself, animals and human could be affected in some minute way. And in some cases the circumstances could be larger. Recycling is an very good option. One should take note as to which products are recyclable, b/c not all are. When going to the supermaket one should remember to take along cloth bags to put the purchased food into them and these may be reused at one’s convenience. As far as the protrol emissions are concerned there are many methods; corn, coal and other divises yet discouvered. People are doing daily experiments at this time to actually see what will work and what will not work.To depress the issue one could limit the numbers of autos on the roadway for there are an abundance. One could think of carpooling or ride bicycling to work or for leisure. In doing this one may obtain needed exercise and balance.

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