Entry for March 06, 2008 “The Environment Part 2

Speaking of the air quality one must think of the numbers of cigarette smokers who do a disservice to themselves, others, as well as to the air itself. The populace probably hasn’t realised that and it is not advertised to any extent. Years ago one could see the used tires, refuse and matter floating in the rivers of the nation. This was a travesty. This was particularly noted in the Hudson. It took several years to clean the river in a proper matter, and one would think to put fines in place for any perps who violated it. Of all the 5 Great Lakes, the one that is in dire condition is Erie. One would think that the populace who drink water in order of mere survival are apt to consume water from the well advertised companies sold in the nearby shops, malls etc. in the local neighborhoods. Those containers are very harmful to the environment. This may cause the fishing industry to dimenish to such a degree that it would be unheard of its restoration. Years ago and now, homes which were built for inhabitation were constructed over landfills. One would think this still occurs without the buyer’s knowledge. Can one simply imagine that this actually is still happening somewhere in the nation regardless of economic status? And worse of all it is now still occurring to this very day. One has heard in the past that homes and property were built on top of swamps. This occurs very seldom b/c when the media gets hold of it, then the shit hits the fan. The federal agencies do their utter best to insure that the water is up to par. This country is very fortunate is that respect.

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