Entry for March 08, 2008 “The Environment” Part 3

Energy is a key portion when one is speaking of the environment. In the heating of one’s domicile,regardless of the size; it is apparent that one can curtail the disbursement daily as well as each month by1) turning and keeping the thermostat down and to a comfortable level.2) closing off rooms which aren’t in use.3) turning off lights when one is not in the rooms.4) Opening shades and blinds in the day to let the sun light in the house instead of electric usage.5) Doing laundry when it is necessary,instead of everyday,or every other day and using cold water. This can also be applied in the warmer months as well. 6) Use a clothesline in the warmer months outside and have access to a clothesline in the house in the colder months. In cooling the house in the spring and summer use the same process as was noted in the heating. One has noticed the solar panels installed in the houses. They are heated by the sun’s rays and is cooled by it too. The practicability of this concept is okay, however one must consider the cost of the entire project. It can be esboritant. One also has seen windmills sometimes in farming communities which have wide open spaces. The energy is produced by the wind. One has heard of wind tunnels too. It is known at the university of Duluth,where students come and go to classes by this method.This is all done by mere common sense and working with others to achieve the same ambition.

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